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Simple Living Ideas: The Martha Stewart Syndrome: Your Home Does Not Have to Look Perfect


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There are a lot of organizing books on the market that I find quiet intimidating to an unorganized person. These encyclopedic volumes filled with pictures of perfectly color coordinated items, professionally folded, and placed on sparsely filled shelfs may be realistic if you are Martha Stewart,  but the rest of us will never have that much space, no matter how much we par down our belonging.  I think many of these books, as beautiful as they are to look at,  make the task of getting your things together more daunting  because the of implied level of perfection these books project. 
I have told friends over and over again, that I really am a very scattered person who has just created routines that keep my deep seated desire, to just throw everything up in the air, at bay.  Once in a while the mess monster does escape,  and it is OK. Being in control all the time is too stressful, I think it might actually inhibit creativity, or at least stifle spontaneity.  Being basically organized, most of the time relieves stress. So relax, the goal of this blog isn't to have your house look like the cover of House Beautiful. The goal is to devise systems in your home that keep your daily life's routines flowing with out wasting time. My next post “Analyzing your Daily Routine” gets you thinking about how to set up your house so it works well, it may not look “perfect” but you will be more comfortable living in it. 
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