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Decisiveness: DeClutter Your Brain (A Featured BlogHer Post): Simple Living Ideas


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People who make good decisions quickly about new opportunities and people that come into their lives have a developed sense of what they value. In order to become a good decision maker you have to first figure out what is important to you. This can be a hard task.

A seemingly counterintuitive way to finding your values is to first identify what you don’t value. What things in your life are just clutter? It is really important to occasionally step away from “your box” and try to view your life objectively.  
A simple place to begin this process is in your closet. Making mundane decisions about which clothes you haven’t been wearing, don’t fit, or are worn out is a good exercise in choice making. 
Go around to all the cluttered spots in your home: the front hall closet, the attic, the basement, the laundry room, etc. Get rid of all of the things that you are not using. Sell or donate them... don’t just move them around, “re-organizing.” Clear the space. 
Getting rid of something requires more commitment than storing it in a nicer container.  
Getting rid of physical things you don’t need is a firm affirmation that will strength your resolve to deal with more complicated issues such as negative relationships.
Once you have lightened the physical load in your life it is time to lighten your emotional load. It is time to de-friend the toxic people in your life. Literally, de-friend them on your social networks, at least block viewing their posts. If the negative person is a family member or someone you work with and you can’t avoid them, create some emotional boundaries. Don’t linger when you need to talk to him, get to the point, be polite and then make an excuse that you have to get somewhere.
Try to keep conversation light with a person who tends to burden you with negative emotions.  If he/she gets into a personal topic with you, say, “I’m so sorry you are feeling that way...” and head out the door.

Eventually that person will realize you are not a person who is going to enable their negativity and he/she will leave you a lone. Please don’t feel guilty... you are not required to carry the weight of the world. Though, especially if you are a woman, you may have that message deep in your subconscious.
Now your home is decluttered, your relationships are in order... the next step is a look at your hopes and aspirations. Are you doing what you want to do? Are you volunteering at that event because you enjoy it and believe in the cause... or did someone sucker you into it? How about your job? Are you over extended? Have you talked to your boss about your work load? Is the job you're doing really the one that utilizes your skills and interests? If not, clean up your resume and put yourself out there. There may be something better on the horizon. If you don’t look, you will not find it. Again, don’t feel guilty, you are entitled to research job opportunities. 
Your life is passing you by... is there a place you would like to see? Start a savings account for the trip. What about a hobby or skill you’ve wanted to acquire? Just do it. Sign up for a class, join a craft club. There is time for what matters to you. 
A truly simple life is:
 a home filled only with objects that you truly love and are useful to you, 
friends that nurture and support you, 
a job that utilizes your unique skills, 
and time spent pursuing hobbies and travels that you find interesting.
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  1. Nice one Diane...good stuff in here. been putting off a lot of things I still want to do...! cool.

    1. Thanks so much. I have to try to take my advice periodically too and step out of "my box."

  2. Wow... I actually half way paid attention when I clicked onto this post, but I am so glad I did. What a challenge to prune through the things that don't matter... especially at the point I am in my life. Thanks for this. I really needed it!

    1. You are so welcome. I just went through my closet... even the mundane is hard. Good Luck.

  3. There is some excellent advice in this post. I really enjoyed reading it. I totally agree that decluttering your surroundings can help declutter your brain as well. I also find that when I declutter, really good things start to happen. It's like when you get rid of the clutter there is more room for good things / experiences in your life!

    1. Have you ever read anything about Feng Shui the Chinese system of geomancy? From what you just wrote I think you would find it very interesting.


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