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Simple Organizing: What Skeletons are in Your Closet?: Face it: Time to Clean Your Closet.


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The weather is getting warmer, it is definitely time to clean out your closet. Remember, making choices to get rid of unused or unneeded things is a good exercise in decisiveness. Cleaning your closet doesn’t have to be a laborious task you can recruit a friend to help. Offer to return the favor. It can be really good to have objective eyes looking at your clothes. We all tend to get sentimental about things. While you see the first date with your husband, your friend sees a ratty worn out sweater. Take a picture of the sweater, and then put it in your donation pile. Turn on some music... have a few cocktail. Don’t have too many... or you might decide to toss everything and board a plan to Paris to do some shopping. Which could be fun if you can afford it!
A few large garbage bags for “donation” and “maybe” piles.
Storage bins at least one for each season.
Rolling rack (If have room to store some items hanging.)
Masking tape & sharpie or labeling machine for bins.
Pen and paper for shopping list items. 
Wood hangers (They look nice and are gentler on your clothes.)
Soft hangers (for bulky wrap sweaters)
Skirt hangers
1) At least a day before you plan to clean your closet go on line and look at Pinterest pictures (you can check  out mine, my link is on the right sidebar) or visit some sites like the ones mentioned in this article:

Clothia.com article “Virtual-Closet Websites Revise Oneline Fashion Shopping. 

in order to define your look: bohemian, classic, modern, trendy, romantic. Be honest with yourself and choose not the look that you fantasize yourself wearing, Chanel suits are lovely, but they don’t work for a stay at home mom or a fitness instructor. Choose the look that works for your lifestyle. If you are physically moving around a lot, stretchy knits and leggings are going to work better for you then structured suits or dresses. 
2) To begin sorting: lay on your bed the clothes you wear the most. Go over in your mind or with a friend why you wear them. Pick out other items from your closet that work with your favorites. These clothes are the foundation of your wardrobe. 
3) Go over in your mind or talk about the items you buy but don’t wear: smaller sizes for when you are going to loss weight, a look that you want that you never actually feel comfortable in, etc. Pull out these fantasy items and put them in your donation bag. These items are not you. Stop buying them!
4) What else is hanging in your closet or cluttering up your draws. Pull out the clothes that look nice but never feel right on you. Put them in the donation bag. You made a mistake buying the item. It is OK, you can’t always tell how something is going to wear just by trying it on. I hate when I do this, because it wastes money, but you have to forgive yourself and not hold on to the item. If you are truly not sure about an item put it in your "maybe" storage bag until next season. If you don't end up missing the item you really don't need it.
5) Which of your clothes are worn but you love? , If you feel the need to, take a picture of these clothes then put them in the donation bag. If the much loved item was really versatile write it down on your shopping list to be replace, but don’t keep wearing an item that is worn or lost it’s shape.

6) There is a weird paradox about clothes: the more you have the less you’ll wear. This is why I suggest you pack away items that are not in season. It is good to have to go through clothes every time the temperature changes. Each time you pack and unpack items try to weed out garments that are worn or you didn’t wear. It is a good idea to also put away seasonal socks and pajama’s. While you are going through your dresser, get rid of your excess socks and underwear... my guess is you have too many and a lot of them are worn.
7) Once you have gone through everything in your closet  decide how you want to organize items: by type: all sweater, all jeans... or by color blocks... or by outfits. Hang things up according to your layout. I usually put clothes together by outfits. It doesn’t make the closet look as neat, but it is a real time saver, and it encourages me to utilize everything in my wardrobe. I hang shirts up with scarfs or necklaces draped on them... whatever items will complete the outfit. You’ll have to decide what works best for you.
8) Now your closet is clean and you have a real list of actual wardrobe items you need.... You have my permission: GO SHOPPING!... but stick to the list (as much as you can.) and buy what you really need, not sale items... items that complete outfits. 

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