"The best times you are going to have in life are at the dinner table and in bed." Old Italian saying. So relax, and enjoy the simple things!


May is Mediterranean Diet Month: Mangia!: Healthy Eating


“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” 
Welcome to Mediterranean Diet Month sponsored by Oldways a fantastic nonprofit organization that promote good health through eating traditional diets.

Founder of Oldways Dr. K Dun Gifford

“K. Dun Gifford  founded non-profit Oldways in 1990 to promote healthy eating and drinking, with programs that help consumers improve their food and drink choices, encourage traditional sustainable food choices, and promote enjoyment of the pleasures of the table.”

I have personally come to believe that there is no better diet than the Mediterranean diet. You get to eat everything in moderation. You don’t have to think about compensating for possible nutritional deficiencies that can arise from eating diets that eliminate entire food groups. 
The Mediterranean diet is good for the planet because consumption of meat is low, and grains and vegetable consumption is high.. plus you get to drink wine. What more can you ask for from a diet... Oh, yes, it is simple to cook. Fresh whole foods, minimal seasoning and preparation. Sounds like a winner to me.
I greatly encourage you to go to the Oldways Website. It is full of information that can deepen your awareness of eating the Mediterranean way. This month they have
A Dietitian A Day for the Month of May,” where we welcome a different dietitian to our blog each day in May, to talk about their own love of the Mediterranean Diet, to dispense nutrition tips, and to share a delicious Mediterranean inspired recipe.”  
Along with a guide to understanding the Mediterranean diet’s pyramid. Cooking tips, shopping lists... so much useful information. 
I hope you enjoy it all.


Sunday: Pork Thai Soup with Cucumber Salad

Meatless Monday: Cannelloni Beans, Carrots & Brown Rice 

Tuesday: Trader Joe's Masala Sauce over Grilled Chicken Breasts, leftover Rice and Broccoli

Wednesday: Spring Lamb Stew and Rustic Bread
based on the recipe found in: Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan (recipe will be posted this Friday)

Thursday: Lentils, Mashed Potatoes, and Arugula, Goat Cheese & Pear Salad (I blanche the arugula & make a warm salad)

Friday: Philly Cheese Steaks made with Steak-ums, Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions, topped with Melted Swiss Cheese  and a Tomato Red Onion Salad

Saturday: Dinner Out

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  1. You inspire me! I'm going to try and incorporate at least one mediteranean dish into our menu each week!

    1. Glad to hear... the good thing is many Italian dishes are very kid friendly.

  2. I love the Mediterranean way of eating, and I was so pleased to learn about the Oldways website. Thank you for sharing it with us at The Gallery of Favorites. (Your weekly menu plan sounds delicious too!)

    1. You are so welcome. I love the Oldways organization. Nothing radical about their recommendations. Good moderate eating habits.

  3. I’m flattened for your blogs writings and blogs as well.
    Gerardo Pizzitola


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