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How We End Up With Too Much Stuff?: Socks Are the Larva of Hangers: Simple Organizing

Socks & Hangers c2012

Back in the 1990’s when I was running one of the first "environmentally friendly" stores in the US I had a regular customer, Pedro who was the caregiver for two children Max 8 and Theo 6. Many times I would dash to the store in the morning to open up and find Pedro and the children waiting for me... “Sorry, I’m late.” Max laughed, “You’re wearing two different colored socks.” “That happens a lot to me Max, you see my socks keep disappearing... well actually only one of each pair keeps disappearing.” Max, put his hand to his chin and was quiet for a moment. You can see the lightbulb turn on in his eyes...
“I got it... socks are the larva of hangers.”
I really think Max was on to something. My hangers seem to keep increasing as my sock inventory decreases? There are definitely things in our homes that seem to be reproducing... the “Trouble with Tribbles” effect, before you know it single socks, wired hangers, faded towels, stained sheets and take out containers have taken over your home, filling up and cluttering all of your draws, closets, and cabinets. It is time to send these items into space along with the tribbles...

Discard socks with holes and any mismatched socks.. No, you are never going to find the match. Haven’t you been reading...it’s turned into a hanger!

Wired hangers are bad for your clothes. They stress the fabric. Drop these off at a dry cleaners and invest in some wood hangers. They look nicer and they are kinder to your clothes. Donate to a thrift shop all of your plastic hangers... you know the ones that come with the clothes. Remember to tell the clerk next time you purchase an article that you don’t want the hanger. The store can reuse it. 
It is really important to have the same type of hanger in a closet it saves space and keeps items neat. Different shape and size hangers don’t allow you to maximize your closet’s space because they don’t fit together as well as hangers that are uniformed. 

I’m sure your linen closet is bursting with towels. First discard all of the old fade ones. Donate the ones that don’t match your bathroom’s color scheme. A bathroom really looks neater when towels, mats, and shower curtains are coordinated.  
Now be honest with yourself... you only need about two towels per person, plus an addition towel for each overnight guest you might have visit.
Beach towels depending on how often you are at a beach or pool in the summer can be parred down to 1 to 2 per person in the family. 
Seriously, only keep as many towels as you can fit in your linen closet. The closet will stay cleaner if you are not fighting to fit more towels on the shelves. 

Depending on where you live, you only need two summer and two flannel sets per bed, plus an additional set for each guest bed you have. The rest DONATE. They take up too much space.

Get rid of the cheap take-out ones that are probably leeching toxic chemicals to your food. Discard any that don’t have fitting tops and bottoms and again be honest... how many storage containers do you really need to have on hand? Donate what you don’t need to a food pantry. Keep only what is in good shape and fit into the area you have designated for them. 
copyright 2012
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  1. lol, socks are the larva of hangars! We never seem to have enough hangars. Maybe it's because our socks rarely go missing, hmmm.

    1. I have a friend who never lost sock... she once found a potato growing in her sock draw. Strange but true.

  2. lol great! So very true. I have a sock basket and I will keep the single matched socks (kids are supposed to use their sock sacks to prevent sock loss... but they are kids and they many times won't use them) After a couple of matching sessions I will get to a point when I do get rid of the odd ball socks.
    Thanks for linking up to my link party.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. You have excellent advice on your blog, it is a pleasure to occasionally be able to contribute to your organizing party.


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