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Family Recipe Challenge

Very Good Recipes
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Dear Readers,
 Very Good Recipes.com a directory of close to 4000 original recipes from food blogger around the world is sponsoring a Family Recipe Challenge for the month of May, and I was asked to be a judge for this recipe competition. 
I am extremely excited about getting to review family recipes that many have been handed down for generations... you know these are good recipes because they keep getting made year after year for holidays and family get togethers... and many times just for a simple evening meal.
I have shared with you many of my family's recipes but I would have to say our Spaghetti with Clam Sauce is hands down my family's favorite meal. Everyone who I have shared this recipe with is sometimes surprised at how much they enjoy clam sauce.

Papa Family's Spaghetti with Clam Sauce (click on to see recipe)

If you have a family recipe that you would like to share I invite you to check out the submissions page for the challenge. It is going on until May 31st. 
I can’t say enough about how comprehensive and international Real Good Recipes.com is... you can search recipes in numerous ways and for bloggers it couldn’t be easier for you to submit your recipes. When you sign up on the site it automatically collects and posts your recipes. You don’t have to paste them to the site each time you post a new recipe on your site.
So please join me in the Family Recipe Challenge by signing up on Very Good Recipes.com!!!
Good Luck to All of You Who Are Entering the Contest!

Diane Balch

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