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Simplify Your Recipe Collection: Simple Organizing

Recipes in Binders

I enjoy collecting recipes and cookbooks probably more than the average person.

  I can sit on a Sunday afternoon and read a cookbook like it was a novel. 

So it is very hard for me to keep my recipe collection pared down to what really interests me, and what I am really using to cook with on a daily basis.

My first line of defense is Pinterest. 

On this site I collect all the images of recipes I want to try. When I try them and like them, I move the recipe to a new board called, "Tried and liked." If I didn't like a recipe I just delete it from the "To Try" board.

I know there are a lot of on line site to keep recipes stored and organized, but I like using Pinterest because I am not limited to just the recipes on a particular directory. 

I also like to print out recipes. 

I am not going to bring my laptop into the kitchen and risk getting something spilled on it, or having it getting sticky keys from my cooking fingers.

When I print a recipe out, I put it in a plastic sleeve. I only pull the recipe out of the sleeve to make notes about any changes I've made to the recipe (which I can't resist doing, I have a need to personalize)

If I cooked a recipe I like it then I will file it in a binder which I have divided into: Vegetarian, Meat, Fish, Desserts, etc... sections for easy access.

As far as cookbooks are concerned I've really reduced the number I own because they take up so much space. 

If I only like a few recipes in a book I just photocopy them and put them in my binder. Only cookbooks that I use 10 or more recipes out of do I keep.
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  1. I too have started using Pinterest as a first line of defense for recipes I come across on blogs, ect. that I want to try. It's so handy and I love that I can simultaneously share my finds with others!

  2. There are just so many things about PInterest that I love... the organizing ability of it along with the enjoyment of looking at beautiful pictures.

  3. Oh I'm the same way! Once I find a recipe online, I'll print and make it.... If it's good, I'll copy it into a recipe file I received as a wedding gift a few years ago. If it's no good, I simply delete the "pin" and throw away the print out!

    1. Pinterest really has made it easier to sort through recipes. Speaking of which... I hope you will be sharing your Saffron Shrimp Salad Friday on Foodie Friday. It looks delicious. I will be pining it.

  4. Great tips! I find Pinterest incredibly useful. I really can identify with you sitting down and reading a cookbook like a novel - I do that too!

  5. I am embarrassed to admit this but i own well over 500 cook books. I have a terrible addiction to books. I always say I will stop but I know I won't. I have built in book cases everywhere! I am very lucky that my Husband has a great sense of humor about it and helps me by installing more book storage when I run out. Magazines.....thats my other problem. I also keep only the good stuff in binders. Sigh. I love organization. I love organizational tools...I get very excited in the container store. I love that place.

    Pinterest is a great invention. I love it! What a great post!!!

  6. Tamatha, if it is OK for anyone to have 500 cookbooks it is you. You actually use them. There are probably a few you can get rid of, but I'm sure for you some just serve for inspiration. I have some that I just love to read like the one I'm cooking through right now "Around My French Table" by Dorie Greenspan. The recipes are great, but so are the pictures and the stories. I love food stories.

    I also love the container stores but the prices bother me... I try to figure out how to do organize for less and what I've conclude is just have less stuff. That's why I read minimalist blogs. I would never go that far but some of their ideas are right on.

  7. I really like that book too! It's a lovely book. Makes me want to hop on a plane. I totally agree with you about the prices in that store...they are very high. On the other hand they always seem to have the perfect solution to whatever i'm looking for. I can't tell you how many times I have walked out of that store empty handed because what I wanted was just too expensive but then a few weeks later I find myself back there buying whatever it was.

    I have hens so I am always in need of quality egg storage. The container store has these acrylic egg cartons that are perfect. They clean really easily and fit even my biggest eggs. The problem is that each one costs $8. After much shopping around I went all the way back there (its a little far) and bought 5 of them. I hated spending the money on something like that but they work so darn well !!!!!!
    You know where we have been getting a lot of our organizational tools from is Ikea. They seem to have a solution for everything. What those folks can do in a small space is unbelievable. I love your blog. You get me thinking.

    1. I love your blog it keeps me drooling. I want to have chickens but my husband is concerned about predators because we are away a lot of weekends. You would never guess that an hour outside of NYC people would have problems with coyotes and foxes.


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