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David's Seaweed Sables: French Fridays with Dorie

Seaweed Sables

When I was about 4 my mom frequently dropped me off at her Italian parent's house to have them babysit me for a few hours. 

Every time my mom picked me up she would ask: 

"How was she?" and her parent's would reply,

"Oh, so easy... she slept the whole time." 

My mom would shake her head in wonder. "She doesn't take naps at home... odd." 

One day during the car ride home my mom asked me what I ate at Grandma's. "Hard cookies." So the next time my mom dropped me off she asked her mother, 

"What are these hard cookies Diane is eating." 

"Oh, just biscotti's... but I have her dip them." 

"In milk?" 

"Milk...no, grappa." 

I thought of this story while my family and I were sampling these Sables. Why? Because I sure wish I had some grappa to dip these into. 

The consensus was too dry, too salty, and too much seaweed. I actually dipped them into the Cabernet I was drinking and they did become edible... but not delicious or chic, or really interesting in any of the ways that were described in the recipe.

Let me clarify we are not a seaweed adverse family. My kids love sushi and were eating pieces of the Nori while my daughter was assembling the cookies. 

My husband used to accuse me of making the house smell like low tide because I love to cook up hijiki on cold winter nights. 

We really liked the Sable Breton Cookie that were just butter and salt that had been recommended for the olive oil ice cream and maybe if these cookies had just a sprinkle of seaweed... just a bit to make one wonder... what is that unusual ingredient... they might have been enjoyable? 


  1. I nominated your cute blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. To view: http://grannyssoutherncooking.blogspot.com/2012/06/well-yall-i-received-my-first-blog.html

  2. Thank you so much... it is so great to be appreciated by other bloggers. I will write a post next week to fulfill the requirements. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Diane, Agree. Agree. Agree. I really couldn't see the point of these cookies. Why do this to sabl├ęs. It's almost as if you're trying too hard....

  4. Hi Diane. Glad to know its not just the Okies don't care for seaweed in our cookies:) I think Mary said it well. What IS the point? One of the bloggers used sesame seeds instead of nori and really liked the results. I think I'll try that. I like your blog layout! I've tried to do something similar but couldn't make it work. I'm curious....how did you do it?

    1. Yes, what is the point? I guess it good to push the limit... My lay out is a Travel Template with a right sidebar and the orange image on the sides was just one of the pictures you can choose from. thank you for the complement.

  5. Oh yeah....in my excitement over your layout I forgot to say this....I miss the simpler days when grandparents could let the grandchildren dip cookies in alcohol and not be carted off to prison:)

    1. We alway drank watered down wine with meals. I think you learn to be responsible with alcohol when you grow up with it and see people really only having it with meals. Thought grappa is about 70 proof... a little too much for a 4 year old.

  6. These had great texture, but I think I would enjoy the Breton version you mentioned far more.

  7. LOL - a little grappa will make you comfortably sleepy. I liked these cookies, although I was prepared to hate them. Yours look good - sorry they weren't a hit.

  8. I think I made the right decision by passing on these :) I "might" have been able to get my family to take a tiny bite, but the rest would have gone uneaten. They don't even like salted caramels, so I can't see salty cookies getting any kudos~ On to next week...see you then!


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