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Summer Salads and Weekly Menu Plan: Healthy Eating:

There is nothing like a salad in the summer. It is cool and light, you can make it ahead of time. Many salads require very little, if any cooking at all, which keeps you and your home cool. Here are some of the summer salad recipes I have collected. Check my Pinterest "Summer Recipe" board for more.


Zucchini Fig & Goat Cheese Salad

Antipasto Salad

Crabmeat Salad

French Potato Salad

Weekly Menu Plan:

Sunday: Pizza Out to the Movies.

Meatless Monday: Black Bean Quesadilla

Tuesday: "Leftover Cheese" Quiche with a green salad.

Wednesday: Picnic out

Friday: Scarole & Beans

Saturday: Steak Pizzaiola

Check out the many other great menu plans at:


  1. These salads look delicious and just in time for these 100 degree days! The zucchini, fig, and goat cheese is calling my name!

    1. I love that one... fig and goat cheese are so incredible together.

  2. All of these salads look fabulous! I especially like the ceviche with the salt glass. What a smart idea!

  3. Delicious & healthy salads, perfect for the hot weather. Thanks Diane for visiting :)


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