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A Foodie New York Weekend: Healthy Eating

woman drinking wine
Vino at Lunch in Eatlay

As I had mentioned in my Friday post my daughter and I spent a foodie weekend in New York City. We stayed in the Flatiron District which is near Chelsea Market  home of Food Network and Union Square which hosts an expansive green market all year. I highly recommend the restaurant ABC Kitchen which is located around the block from Union Square and specializes in seasonal and locally grown foods that it gets mostly from the green market.

organic apple stand
Many vendors are organic at this greenmarket.

bread alone stand
This bakery's cookbook is our bread baking bible.

entrance to chelsea market
Entrance to Chelsea Market

food network sign
No coincidence that food network is located in a food market.
food truck
From the show on Foodnetwork: Food Truck Winner.

inside chelsea market
Inside Chelsea Market
With my personal preference for Mediterranean cooking especially Italian visiting Eataly was a must stop. When you enter Eataly it looks like you have just stumbled into a terrific coffee shop. If you didn't know that you had just entered an Italian eating emporium you would be shocked to see that the coffee shop doesn't end... it leads into a cheese shop and antipasto restaurant that continues into a butcher shop and then leads you to a produce section attached to a fish restaurant, a pasta store, olive oils, it just keeps going on and on... a never ending maze of Italian foods and every where you look there are tables set up and people eating... it made my Italian heart happy to see so many people enjoying the foods of my heritage.

If you find yourself in New York City I highly recommend a quick bite or maybe a small gelato on your way downtown... you won't regret the stop. And good news for those of you nearer to Chicago Eatlay is in the works for this city.

pasta isle
So much PASTA...
Artichokes and a girl
Artichokes are our favorite vegetable.

girl with pizza
Now that's gooda pizza.

Flatiron building
The landmark Flatiron Building

woman sitting on a throne
On my throne at the hotel.
eating cheesecake in bed.
Eating cheesecake in bed.

Weekly Meal Plan:

Meatless Monday: Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Wednesday: Pancetta in Butter Sauce with Pasta (Foodie Friday post 10/12/12)

Saturday: Dinner Out

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  1. I love that area of New York. It has been several years since I've been to NYC. I'll have to take notes for next time I'm there.

    Looks like you had a great weekend.

    Dan Garner

    1. It is so pleasant to walk around Chelsea and the Flatiron district because it is not overly stimulating and or crowded... and the food is great.

  2. That would be such a fun weekend getaway! The cheese raviolis with pumpkin sauce sound delicious

    1. We had a great time. The ravioli recipe was one of the recipes I tried to rework and made a mess out of it. This version is good, mine was too sweet. I tried putting apple cider in it.

  3. That sounds like you had a great weekend! Lovely pics!

  4. What a fun weekend to spend with your daughter! I wish I were closer to NY to take such a trip. Great pics!

  5. Thanks for adding my Breaded Eggplant recipe! I hope you love it :)

    1. I meant to put a note on your blog. We loved it. My son loves mushrooms so your dish got him to eat eggplant. Thanks again.

  6. Love that you made this memory with your daughter. That's wonderful. Didn't Kathy eat at Eataly with her girlfriends during a trip to NYC. I have a better chance of getting to Chicago than NYC so will keep watching for the Chicago opening.

  7. My family and I adore New York, and one of the big reasons we do is the amazing food. Having said that I have yet to manage to get to Eataly and am looking forward to visiting next time. Thank you for sharing your weekend - it sounds like it was lots of fun and very delicious indeed!


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