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Simple Things to Do Before a Storm: Simple Living in Practice


woman with muffins
Got to have some fresh Apple Muffins for the storm!

I'm writing this post on Sunday with the assumption that we will lose power from the Frankenstorm that is heading our way. You see I live in a very wooded area and it doesn't take much wind to knock down a tree or two and our town's power is out. 

Sometimes our power is out for about a week. Priority  for getting electricity working is given to larger towns and cities in Westchester County, NY, which makes sense but leaves us little towns dark for longer. 

It would be great if in the comments you shared other ideas of what to do before a storm. Then next time we 
all will be more prepared.

So what do Simple Living folks do to prepare for a storm.

canoe building
Finish up work on the canoe you're building.

beeswax candle making
Make some beeswax candles.

woman cooking soup
Cook up a pot of soup.

1) Stay calm and remember, "This too shall pass..."

2) Fill up the car with gas in case we do need to evacuate. The pumps don't work when there isn't any power.

3) Get cash. Most stores will run on a cash only bases because they don't have power to authorize credit card purchases.

4) Check batteries in flashlights. We break out our camping lamplights they are great for reading at night. Take out candles too. We really enjoy our long burning beeswax candles that we make from our hives.

5) Buy water about a gallon per person per day. I usually get enough for 3 days. Don't forget to include your pets in your head count. They drink too! 

Buy batteries and food that doesn't have to be cooked: baked goods, popcorn, peanut butter, canned tuna, dried meats, nuts, fruit. Pickled things are good too: olives, beets, etc. Hopefully you have some of these things on hand. Don't BUY THE STORE OUT!!! People freak and buy way too much food. If you have a little camping stove you can cooks somethings. NOTE: Make sure you have your medication supply for at least a week.

6) A day to two days before the storm cook up and eat any meat you have in your freezer or fridge. Use up whatever can spoil.

7) Day before the storm make soup with whatever is left in your fridge.

8) Night before the storm. Charge up your electronic devices and remove them from the outlets so they won't be damaged from a power surge when the power goes off or back on. 

9) A day or so before a storm. Store lawn furniture, plants etc. that are in your yard that could be picked up by the wind. Do your laundry. 

10) The night before the storm. Batten down your hatches. Run the dishwasher. Turn up the power on your fridge and freezer. Fill up your bathtub with water and fill a bucket of water next to each toilet so you use these to flush. We don't have municipal water so when the power goes out our well pump doesn't work.

 Say a pray and sleep tight.

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  1. Those are such wonderful tips! - I'm praying for you and hope everything is OK.
    I would add 1 thing to your list -if you have a basement - make sure the battery back-up to your sump pump is working.
    God bless

  2. Hi Diane,
    I just got your comment that your town got hit hard and things are not good there. We will all be praying for you, your family and your community. I just hope you get the help you need soon. Let us hear from you whenever you can!
    God Be With You!
    Miz Helen

  3. Looks like you've got the planning down to a science. Be sure to eat the ice cream first as it's not very good after it melts :)

    Hope you are okay after the storm and that you had no damage.

  4. Diane,
    I didn't realize when I wrote my first comment that it was yesterday and not today. I'm sorry to hear that you got hit hard Diane, hopefully you are all okay. I will be praying for your family and friends during this nasty hurricane and what she leaves behind.

    Your preparedness tips are wonderful and your muffins look amazing and HUGE. I love that you make your own beeswax candles. Do you use generators in times without power? I can't imagine going a week with no electricity, sigh.

    Wishing you milder weather in the aftermath of Sandy.

  5. Hi Diane,
    I just got my power back on today. Our whole water front is gone all the homes under water. It is such devastation. I hope you get your power soon.

  6. All good tips! I didn't stock up on batteries this time, and should have had some D batteries. I'm waiting for the stores to restock to get a package for the winter.

    One thing we have that isn't on the list is a generator. We have a small one that can run our 2 freezers and fridge, plus one to 2 small appliances. It's small and noisy and such a God-send when we've needed it.

    I love that finishing the canoe was top on the list!

    Do you have power yet?

    1. Yes, we got power yesterday, just in time. The temperature dropped.

  7. I forgot to mention (3:45 am wake up time!) Thank you for linking up to Motivation Monday! I love reading your posts, and I'm so glad I found your site.

  8. This is really good advice, Diane. I think it's so important to be prepared for things like this, and it makes so much difference if you are! I'm really glad your power is finally back on and that you are all safe. It must have been quite a scary time during Sandy.

    1. HI April,
      I don't know if you read my current post, we were all in shock and grief in my town more than scared. My family and I quickly got ourselves into our camping routine which made dealing with no power and water easier. Our town has an emergency center were we could get hot showers, some food, wifi and warmth.


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