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Local Holiday Gifts: Healthy Eating

Speciality Items
Speciality Items

As it gets nearer to Christmas and New Years we all start to panic about those few people on our shopping list who are hard to buy for...what to do? Instead of running to mall, run to your local food or craft's store. 

Most small stores are more than willing to help you create a gift basket. Not everyone is into cooking, but everyone needs to eat. So put together a themed basket from local specialities.You can always give someone appetizer snack items. 

How about an Italian themed basket filled with dried salami, Italian cheese, nuts, and dried fruit. Or a French themed basket with good Dijon mustard, French cheese and jams and a lovely baguette. Here are some other food theme basket ideas:

Indian Theme: An Indian Cookbook, Spices, Curries, and Chutneys with Basmati Rice.

Sushi Kit: Seaweed, sticky rice, Japanese vinegar, a rolling mat and chop sticks along with instructions (maybe from the internet) on how to roll your own maki rolls.

New England Breakfast: Pancake mix, maple syrup, bacon, jams, and good butter.

New York Bagel Breakfast: Bagels, lox, cream cheese, capers, white fish etc.

Scandinavian Delights: Smoked salmon, trout, and lingonberry sauce.

See what the shop has to offer and let the salesclerk recommend foods based on your recipient's food tastes. It is actually a lot of fun to put a basket together, and you will be supporting a local merchant.

cheese board
A nice cheese board and some cheese.

Sweet Treat

More sweet treats....everyone would love a gift basket of candy.

Cheese and dried meats

Even Natural Cleaning stuff maybe in a Laundry basket.

All of the above pictures were taken at my local 
general store if you are in the area check it out.

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Weekly Menu Plan:

Meatless Monday: Go-with-Everything Celery Root Puree with Black Eye-Peas and Spinach

Tuesday: Roman Style Zuppa de Pesce over linguini

Wednesday: Leek Quiche with a Tomato Red Onion  Salad

Thursday: Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken, with Quinoa and Broccoli

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  1. Oh this is a great idea! I've been stuck on my dad. He's been getting increasingly hard to shop for. There's a dutch store in Salt Lake City, I think I'll head to this weekend and put together a gift basket for him.
    Your meals look great this week!

    1. So glad I can help. Parents especially are hard to shop for because they have most of what they need. You always need food.

  2. I love your gift basket ideas and will add them to my list of fun gifts! This year I've made up baskets of homemade soaps and bath products for our friends and family.

    1. Homemade soaps and bath products are so wonderful, lucky folks on your gift list.


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