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How to Stay Motivated?:Simple Living Idea

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Zemanta, a blogger service that I use to share my posts with other bloggers, has asked me to write about how I keep inspired to write my blog day in and day out. I thought about this question, and to me they are asking about motivation. 

How do you stay motivated to do any job day to day, week to week and year to year?

For me motivation is maintained by a combination of factors.

1) Passion: I love what I do, so it is easy to keep doing it. Writing down my thoughts each day helps me to organize and clarify my values and beliefs. It’s a plus that by posting these ideas on my blog they may help other people too.

2) Clear objectives: I have defined the focus of my blog over this year. I went from writing primarily about organizing and frugal living tips... to getting deeper into the philosophy of Simple Living and it’s connection to healthy eating. 

I think that whenever you feel stagnate or bored in your job you need to step back from your day to day routine and ask yourself big questions. 

Is what I’m doing still enjoyable? Then “what” is enjoyable? How can I do more of what I enjoy?

What is bothering me at my job: people, assignments? Can I change any of these things? How can I cope with what annoys me? Have I let anyone know that I am unhappy? Where can I find support and guidance?

Is this job allowing me to live the lifestyle I want to live? If I cut back on my hours or worked from home would this make it easier to do the things I like to do?

3) Be open to change: Try to think of paths to solutions for whatever is making you unhappy in your work. Write out the goals in as much detail as you can, visualize the change, and re-read the goals daily so you don’t forget about them. The only way to really get off of the cow path, to break a bad habit, is to stay focused daily on a goal.

4) Take risks: I have tried new programs and will be moving my blogging platform to a new domain... these things can decrease my readership in the short term, but most likely will increase it in the long term. But without taking these chances I may grow slowly... or stagnate. 

I think we tend to believe that the downside of a risky venture is worse than it will be.

 It is important to really think out the worse case scenario and ask, yourself, ”What will be my plan of action if this choice turns out to be a mistake.” Most of the time you really can come up with alternative plans that will smooth over most setbacks. You won’t feel as frightened about taking the risk if you are willing to look at the possibility of failure.

5) Commit yourself to a routine: A lot of times when someone undertakes a creative venture, such as in writing, music, or visual arts, he will tell himself that, “I need to go with the flow and work when I’m inspired.” Sometimes you do... but you also need to decide on set times of the day that you just sit down to do your work whether you are inspired or not at that moment... because discipline does matter. 

People who succeeded work consistently. 

A lot of their ideas don’t develop into anything worthwhile, but the discipline of continually working on them is the key to success.

6) Camaraderie: Probably what is the most attractive part of blogging for a writer is the almost instantaneous feedback and dialogue you get with your readers, because people can post comments to you immediately after they read your articles. When you write books or newspaper articles you get feedback, but it takes awhile to get to you, and people who may have intended to write you a letter or send you an email put it off and forget to do it. 

The dialogue you develop with your readers and other bloggers broadens your awareness and sensitivity across borders. 

I now have a more personal connection to world events because I regularly interact with people from all over the world. I pay more attention to the Palestinian Israel Conflict because I have a dialogue with a woman in Tel Aviv. 

I am more aware of the climate and the difference in the seasonal flow of Australia because of the women I interact with from there. 

Canadians have showed me how culturally different they can be from Americans even though we only live miles away from each other in some parts of the US. 

I have more respect and understanding for different religions because I read about the food and culture around their holidays. 

Some folks just make me laugh... and others awe me by their glamourous lifestyles. 

Services like Zemanta have also helped me find blogs that I didn't realize were out there, who are passionate about the same ideas that I embrace. Blogging has made me more of a world citizen without having to leave my living room, and that just keeps me doing it... day in and day out.

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  1. I will have to check out zemanta now.
    I think it is so neat all the different people we get to interact with through blogging. It is a passion that keeps the motivation coming. Thanks for the reminder that taking risks is ok!

    1. Zemanta is cool. It doesn't cost anything to join and you never know who is going to pick up a post of yours. You could get a lot of traffic from it. Also depending on the content of your post you get a list of blog posts from other people that you can link to... really interesting.

  2. What a great post Diane! You hit a lot of good points and things that we all need to be reminded of. It's easy to stray and lose focus. The daily diary thing has helped me. I use to say "I'll remember that" then I never do. :) So now I've developed the habit of writing ideas and reminders down daily. Now I need to check out Zemanta. Thanks!

    1. Thanks... I think you might like Zemanta it is really an unique service. I find myself reading a lot of blogs that are not the type I would have guessed had related articles.

  3. Wonderful article, with some seriously great advice! Thank you for sharing this post with the Gallery of Favorites. I'm going to check out Zemanta :)

  4. Love this: A lot of their ideas don’t develop into anything worthwhile, but the discipline of continually working on them is the key to success.

    I have a copyblogger poster on my old computer screen to remind me to write every single day. I think simply showing up and writing is a wonderful habit to build.

    I love hearing about the connections you've made through blogging. It's truly amazing, isn't it?

    I'll check out Zemanta, too.

    Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!

    1. Hi Barb,
      It sounds like we have a lot of similar habits and bulletin boards too. I think you might enjoy Zemanta it is always fun to see what posts match up with yours.

  5. Nice post about motivation. I agree, finding your passion on what you do and keeping it the way you want things to be is really important. But the problem is how can we remain focus? how can we be able to hold on to our passion? - This is where the other advices you gave comes in - set you goals, get the camaraderie, clear your objectives and most of all take risks. Be ready for what is there to come, it's worth all the time. Good read! Keep it up.


    Gary Coxe
    Personal Development Coach

    1. Hi Gary,
      I wish I can think of the author I heard speak on NPR, but I he talked about everyone not having a single passion. That sometimes you find a passion through doing something that you didn't expect to get you excited. I have never had a single passion so it was reassuring to have some say that your interests can change. I think instead of finding your passion you need to listen to your heart and move your life in the direction of what it is telling you is best for you to be doing at any one time.


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