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Our Last Day of Making Maple Syrup: Simple Living in Practice

Pancakes topped with our very own maple syrup.

After two weeks of hauling buckets of sap from our sugar maple trees 3 times a day we made our last batch of maple syrup for the season.

It was amazing the dedication my kids put into to this process... I had to ask myself why?

Why was making maple syrup so captivating for us and our friends?

I think those of us who do not live on a farm can be disconnected from the time and process involved in bringing our food to the table. Dedicating ourselves to
creating maple syrup opened up our eyes to the hard work and miraculous results that can occur when you make something from scratch.

My family is in so much in awe of how a clear sap from a tree can transform into a golden elixir that can only be produced in a few areas around the world.

We now appreciate so much what is unique about were we live because we bothered to connect ourselves with the bounty that has always been right in our backyard.

I hope you will clear your schedule sometimes and delicate yourself and your family to a simple task... simple living can really teach you so much about yourself, your family, and your friends. 

stoking fire
Early in the morning stoke the fire.

Gather and chew on sticks for the fire.
girl straining sap
Strain the sap from the trees before it goes on the fire.
woman having coffee outside
Have some coffee while you watch the fire and the beautiful Spring day.
chocolate chip cookies
Have your little pastry chef make cookies for visitors.
Girls eating cookies.
Eat some cookies with a friend. 
boy chopping wood
Get lots of strong friends to visit and chop wood.
boy skimming sap
Employ an expert sap skimmer for fire duty.
jars of maple syrup
Share the fruits of your labor with family & friends.

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  1. What an awesome thing to be able to make for yourself! It looks like a pretty intense process, but well worth it I'm sure. Thanks for sharing this because I had no idea what it took to make maple syrup. What a fun thing to do with your family and they all seem to be enjoying themselves, especially you with your morning coffee. :)

    1. We didn't quite realize what we were getting into either... but thanks to the enthusiasm of our friends we enjoyed the process. Glad we had a nice day for boiling.

  2. I want some!! :) That looks so good and like so much fun. I remember reading a book once where they were busy with the 'sugaring' process and I was captivated by it. My daughter just went a field trip and learned a little about the process, so this was a very timely post for me. Thanks for sharing at Wonderful Food Wednesday on All She Cooks (http://allshecooks.com).

    1. My whole family has been curious about making syrup since the kids learned about Native Americans making maple sugar. They tried to do that by putting hot stones in sap... harder than you think. I hope you get a chance to see or do the process yourself sometimes. It truly is miraculous.

  3. Wonderful project Diane!
    I should follow you.....
    I don't always like the taste of a bought-syrup

    1. Can you get Maple Syrup in Israel? Do you know Anne from Australia she can't get it there. They only sell something called, "Golden Syrup."


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