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Help Prevent Cancer by Eating Less Meat: The Mediterranean Diet #Healthy Eating

Provence Chicken with Veggies & Red Quinoa
Provence Chicken with Veggies & Red Quinoa: Light on the Chicken, heavy on the vegetables, especially broccoli a super anti-oxidant. 

Squash with Sausage
Squash with Sausage: High Vitamin A Squash with a little Sausage

Moroccan Stuffed Peppers: Peppers are rich in Vitamin A & C with a little beef

The Mediterranean Diet is rich in antioxidant vegetables and low in meats and dairy which when consumed in large amounts have been linked to bowel, colon, and breast cancer. The above recipes are examples of how to cook using meat more as a condiment than the centerpiece of your meal. This type of cooking is also great for keeping your weight in check. For more information about both weight loss and a cancer preventative diet take a look at Dr. Gullo's blog and to learn more about the Mediterranean diet I recommend checking out the OldWays website. 

Simple Living & Eating will providing some of the refreshments for this cancer prevention fundraiser. If you are in the area please attend. There will be good food and art for a disease that unfortunately touches us all. 

Escape Jane Ubell

Mt. Kisco, NY, March 1, 2013

Local Artist & Local Restaurant Join to Benefit Local Charity

Pleasantville artist, Jane Ubell-Meyer, is partnering with Mt Kisco’s Village Social Kitchen & Bar to raise awareness and funds for Chappaqua’s “A Cure In Our Lifetime” charity for breast cancer. 

When: Sunday, April 7, 2013 

Time: 2-4 pm

Village Social Bar & Kitchen
251 East Main Street
Mt Kisco, NY

Paintings on display are for sale, with a portion of proceeds going to the charity. Ubell-Meyer’s work include abstract landscapes in oil, acrylic and mixed media. 

Suggested donation $25 to benefit A Cure in Our Life Time
Or for a direct donation: www.Acureinourlifetime.org

RSVP: janeubellpaintings.com
Press information: amymiddleton71@gmail.com
Jane Ubell-Meyer 9178483353

About: The Chappaqua “A Cure In Our Lifetime” just recently celebrated it’s 14 year
anniversary. The committee was originally motivated by the loss of a close friend who passed away when she was only 38-years-old, leaving behind two very young children and husband. Chappaqua’s A Cure In Our Lifetime is extremely proud and appreciative of our community’s efforts and support. Since 1998, we have raised over $2,000,000 in the fight against Breast Cancer.  The organization’s mission is to fund innovative breast cancer research and to promote breast health through education and outreach.

Event sponsors: Village Social Kitchen & Bar, Cross River Wine Merchant, Simple Living & Eating, JarlsbergUSA, Stacyknows.com, The Framing Gallery

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  1. We are so excited to see that you will be donating your post on April 8th to spread awareness about hunger. Wondering what you will write about? How about food drives for the 21st century...efficient, green, productive and fun! Everything is ONLINE now! See how this blogger, http://mommypoppins.com/newyorkcitykids/food-drive-mommy-poppins-feed-10000-nyc-kids, invited her readers to join her in helping 10,000 hungry children in New York City with the click of a mouse! http://www.yougivegoods.com/Feed10000Kids

  2. We make this kind of meal quite often - a little meat, a lot of veggies or all vegetables. I didn't realize it was part of the Mediterranean diet. However, there are times when we want that piece of grilled steak. :) Great dishes here!

    1. It's Mediterranean but it is also just plain healthy eating. Part of the reason I love your recipes so much.

  3. I absolutely agree with cutting down meat and infusing more veges. Not sure about Mediterranean but I think more fish goes a long way.

    1. Any diet that is low in red meat and dairy, high in vegetables, and nuts is good. There has just been a lot of research that olive oil and red wine have really powerful effects on preventing heart disease and stroke.

  4. The stuffed peppers look awesome. We have an Indian version of the same dish called "Bharwan Shimla Mirch" which means "Stuffed Bell Peppers". Some simiarities here! :-)

    1. I'm sure the Indian diet has many of the same health benefits as the Mediterranean diet... both focus much more on vegetables than some other cuisines.


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