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Simple & Crisp: A Gluten- Free Cracker Alternative #Healthy Eating #Weekly Menu Plan

Simple & Crisp with Cheese: Simple Living and Eating

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When my samples of Simple & Crisp arrived I was immediately impressed by their beautiful packaging and I thought, "Wow, these would make an excellent hostess gift."

Simple & Crisp: Simple Living and Eating

In the last year I was diagnosed with a mild wheat allergy and I have a few friends who have Celiacs disease, so I think having gluten free options available are really becoming a necessity for entertaining. 

Simple & Crisp Entertaining: Simple Living & Eating

But you don't have to have a digestive problem to enjoy these crisps... what I love about them is instead of making an immitation gluten-free cracker (which don't taste so great) the people at Simple & Crisp created a gluten-free, antioxtant rich cracker alternative that is actually prettier and more interesting to serve with cheese than the old standby wheat cracker.

Simple & Crisp in Cocktails: Simple Living and Eating

I served these crisp to guests who didn't have any dietary issues and they were just gaga over how cool they looked and their interesting tastes. Everyone really liked the pear and apple crisps matched with blue cheese, brie, and cherve. 

Simple & Crisp in Tea: Simple Living and Eating

The orange crisp was the biggest hit in our tea and cocktails. It added a great citrus infusion to our drinks and looked really neat... which to be honest, is important when you are entertaining... though I plan on eating these crisps on a regular bases to add a little special something to my snacktime!

Simple & Crisp in Tea: Simple Living and Eating

Please take a look at their website for both ordering and pairing ideas:

Weekly Menu Plan:

Sunday: Lemony Halibut with Green Beans & Roasted Potatoes

Meatless Monday: Cannellini Beans with Zucchini and Brown Rice

Tuesday: Trader Joe's Mahi Mahi Burgers with a Cucumber Salad

Wednesday: Beef Stir Fry with Thai Rice

Thursday: Peas & Pancetta in Butter Sauce over Pasta

Friday: Chicken Breasts with Whole Foods Chimichurri rub, Tomato Salad and Quinoa

Saturday: Mexican Night at our pool club

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  1. They look fabulous Diane and what a great thing to serve with cheese. You know, I think eating GF is the 'new black'. A lot of people seem to be eating that way just because it is a lot healthier. Both of my sisters, who aren't coeliacs, both eat GF and say they haven't felt so good in years. I might look out for those dried fruits (or something similar) in my supermarket.

    Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne,
      I wonder what is up with the production of wheat if so many people are having problems with it? Dried fruit might taste pretty good with cheese, but I have to say I don't know if it is the drying process or the thin cut but these crisps taste different than ordinary dried fruit.

  2. I try and avoid gluten myself. I never would have believed that I had a gluten problem until I went gluten free for a few weeks on The Perfect Health Diet. I'm always looking for substitutes and these look amazing.

    Thanks Diane


    1. I'm sorry you have a problem with gluten. I only have an issue with wheat, but is amazing how much better you feel when you discover a food allergy or sensitivity. Well, these crisps were really great. You can order them on the link above. I hope they do well because it is a superior product. (It does help that they look cool too.)


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