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Roasted Zucchini with Mozzarella #River Cottage VEG #Weekly Menu Plan

Roasted Zucchini with Mozzarella- simplelivingeating.com

I intended to make the River Cottage VEG recipe: Marinated Zucchini with Mozzarella but when I started frying the zucchini strips and they were taking way longer than 2 minutes a side to brown I had to think fast. My family was starving!

Roasted Zucchini with Mozzarella- simplelivingeating.com

I lined a baking sheet with parchment and put the strips in the oven under the broiler. The result was my quick version of this delicious summer recipe. I served it with brown buttered gnocchi instead of bread as recommended in the cookbook.

Roasted Zucchini with Mozzarella- simplelivingeating.com

Roasted Zucchini with Mozzarella

by Diane Balch

Based on the recipe: Marinated Zucchini with Mozzarella in River Cottage VEG by  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


4 medium zucchini cut into thin strips
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
1 garlic clove minced
The juice and zest of one lemon
Fresh Basil or other herb minced
Salt & Pepper
12 mini mozzarella balls sliced


1) Mix about 1/4 cup of EVOO with the garlic clove and a little salt. Let sit.

2) Line 2 large cookie sheets with parchment paper.

3) Slice the zucchini. I used a mandolin. Lay the slices on the cookie sheets.

4) Brush the strips with the oil garlic mixture. Sprinkle Basil on the zucchini.

5) Roast strips under the broiler for about 20 minutes or until they soften and start to brown. While strips are browning slice the mozzarella balls.

6) When the zucchini is cooked plate it and drizzle some lemon juice on the strip along with a bit of the lemon zest. Top the zucchini with the mozzarella balls.

Serve on top of garlic and oil pasta, polenta or crusty bread. 

cooking along with cottage cooking club

PS: Make sure you get the US edition of the book if you want US measurements. 

As a member of this cooking group I have agreed not to print the recipes from this book unless they are published. We encourage you to get a copy of this cookbook. 

Weekly Menu Plan: 

Meatless Monday: Provencal Vegetable Soup

Tuesday: Pasta with Raw Tomatoes and Green Salad

Thursday: Grilled Sausage with Peppers/Onions and Italian Bread 

Friday: Grilled Steak with Whole Foods Chimichurri rub, Grilled Corn and Roasted Tomatoes 

Saturday: Leftovers


  1. These zucchini and mozzarella look wonderful :)
    I could eat them anytime

    1. Oh thank you Winnie. I actually thought of you when I put up this post. This is such a wonderful vegetarian meal.

  2. Looks great! I have this book and was just looking at this recipe - I can't wait to make it!

    1. It is such a wonderful book. I haven't been disappointed in any of the recipes I've made so far.

  3. Looks delicious! Will have to make that as I just bought two big zucchini's & I have a fresh cheese shop up the street ;) Looks like a great menu, have a wonderful week!

  4. Thanks Diane, I bought a large zucchini today and it will be going on the grill as soon as we get rid of the rain.


  5. I have had grilled zucchini many times but never with mozzarella on it. I will be trying this very soon. Looks delicious. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  6. Wow, that looks absolutely delicious. Definitely something I'd like to try. Thank you for linking at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you again next week.

  7. I'm planning on making this tonight. I'm glad to know it took longer than expected. I love seeing your weekly meal plans - lucky family!

    1. My family doesn't always feel so lucky about my cooking. My son would prefer if we at more like regular people sometimes... but I know they like the variety.

  8. Simple. Beautiful. Elegant. I could eat this as a meal in itself. In my opinion, roasting is the best thing to do to most vegetables!

    1. You would love this cookbook Michelle. The recipes are all simple and elegant.

  9. Great idea to place them under the broiler! I'll remember this, for I do want to make this again. Lovely presentation.

  10. This is one of those summer dishes that I probably will not be able to stop eating!
    Looks delicious, Diane.

  11. Love your quick fix for feeding the starving family! I could easily make a meal of this dish, it sounds so good.

  12. Delicious! Pinned. Hugs~ Lou Lou Girls

  13. I lov roasted vegetables. The best are Ina's Brussels Sprouts. The only ingredient besides the Sprouts is good salt. So any veggie that is roasted works for me. That it is quicker is even better. It looks tasty.

    1. I never liked Brussel Sprouts until I had them roasted... I'm with you roasting brings out the flavor in all vegetables.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you soon!
    Pinning your post!
    Miz Helen

  15. I made this too, and thought it was delicious. Fun that you did these in the oven. Your dish looks wonderful!

  16. I like how nicely this came out roasted. This was a great salad. I'll definitely be making it again, now that my zucchini's taking off.


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