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Sparkling Wines are not just for the Holidays! #Segura Viudas #Freixenet #Weekly Menu Plan

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This post is sponsored by Segura Viudas & Friexenet Sparkling Wines. All opinions are my own. 

The holidays are over and it is NOT time to put the sparkling wine away. Americans, we are in a bad habit... maybe it's our Puritanical heritage, but we seem to deny ourselves the pleasure of drinking sparkling wines throughout the year.

Well, here is a New Year's Resolution that will actually be fun to live with: buy sparkling wine, especially delicious and well priced wines from Segura Viudas and Freixenet for anytime you plan on drinking wine. These sparkling wine distributors from Spain offers an assortment of flavors, dry to sweet that will appeal to your tastes and match with your meal. 

ARIA Estate Brut – This dry, lively and refreshing wine is a perfect match for grilled poultry, shellfish, white fish and mild cheeses such as Gouda and Jamón Serrano. 

ARIA Estate Extra Dry – A bubbly boasting the most exquisite, lightly sweet, citrus tones, ARIA Estate Extra Dry is a wonderful foil for zesty casseroles or dishes such as spicy sausage dressing.

ARIA Sparkling Pinot Noir – One of the most versatile wines, ARIA Sparkling Pinot Noir works beautifully as an aperitif and pairs exquisitely with richer foods such as short ribs, hoisin-glazed pork, smoked salmon, oysters or grilled prawns. Cheese lovers will enjoy pairing it with Brie or Monterey Jack.

Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvee from Freixenet: simplelivingeating.com

Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée - From Freixenet Spanish Cava has a sweet peaches and cream aroma. It is terrific for mixing. Makes a fabulous Mimosa or Bellini. 

Europeans regularly begin a meal with sparkling wine. It pairs so well with appetizers and it puts all of your guests in a good mood. Want to have a fun get together.. just the sound of a cork popping lifts people's spirits. 

segura viudas cava: simplelivingeating.com

Drinking sparkling wine always makes me happy.. and guess what? I just found out that it contains the trace mineral lithium... so sparkling wine really does lift your mood. So break a bad habit this year... remember when you are out buying wine, buy some sparkling wine and all your meals will feel more festive

Weekly Menu Plan:

Sunday: Curried Mussels with French Fries 

Wednesday: Spice Encrusted Tuna with Citrus Salad and Saffron Rice

Thursday: Spaghetti & Meatballs with Green Salad

Friday: Chickpea Patties with Couscous and Swiss Chard

Saturday: Leftovers


  1. I'll drink to that. (Not to Arman - Photo #3 but to the sparkly.)

    1. Yes, did you notice I made the orange olive salad too.. I could eat that everyday, now that was a fun surprise. Would not have guess it was going to be so delicious.

  2. Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée is kind of our go to for mimosas! I recently had a meltdown because I could NOT open a bottle of bubbly! Its still in the fridge receiving my curses on a regular basis. A friend said she has a trick for opening stubborn bubbly involving a knife but has to show me as she can't describe it. I'm thinking using a sword is a good idea!

    1. Go outside. Face the bottle out and away from anything. Hold the bases with one hand. Find the seam in the bottle. Run the large chef's knife up the seam to the cork quickly and firmly. It will open.


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