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Sautéed Cabbage Apples & Sausage

Sautéed Cabbage Apples & Sausage-simplelivingeating.com

This is a funny time of year for local vegetables in the Northeast of the US. It really hasn't been warm long enough to grow anything. 

You can still find local cabbage around because it lasts so long. We are literally at "the bottom of the barrel" when it comes to apples. 

Sautéed Cabbage Apples & Sausage-simplelivingeating.com

Local apples may be a little too bruised for eating raw, but they are still good for cooking. 

Sautéed Cabbage Apples & Sausage-simplelivingeating.com

To make this dinner all you have to do is fry up some sausage, cabbage, and apples in a large skillet, add a little bit of thyme and red wine vinegar... and you have a seriously tasty meal. Serve with bread, or over potatoes. 

Sautéed Cabbage Apples & Sausage

by Diane Balch
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Keywords: saute entree gluten-free cabbage sausage apples

Ingredients (4 to 6 servings)
  • 3 tablespoons of Extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  • 1 pound of Sweet Italian Sausage chopped
  • 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
  • 1 small savoy or other cabbage, chopped
  • 1 large apple peeled and chopped
  • 1 tablespoon of dried thyme
  • salt and pepper to taste


1) Put 2 tablespoons of EVOO in a large skillet on medium high heat. Saute sausage until brown. Remove from skillet and set aside in a bowl.
2) De-glaze the pan with the vinegar. High heat, scrap bottom with metal spatula. Lower heat to medium high.
3) Add 1 tablespoon of EVOO and sauté cabbage until it wilts. About 3 minutes, cover it and stir frequently.
4) Add the apple and thyme stir until apple softens.
5) Return the sausage to the pan, mix until it is warm.
Serve with mustard, crusty bread, over boiled or mashed potatoes.


  1. What a mouthwatering sounding dish. I will be making your Sauteed Cabbage, apple and sausage recipe real soon. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  2. Yum! What a wonderful flavor combination. I am fresh out of apples, but this will be a perfect use for some of the "grade b" apples from my brother's tree when it is time!

  3. Absolutely, this is a recipe for the apples you find on the ground.

  4. I've got a lot of these items canned, or dried that I'm going to try it with. I really needed a new way to use the canned cabbage I picked up, that still might entice the kids.

    1. canned cabbage will work fine in any cooked dish. Try it asian style with soy sauce.

  5. Delicious thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop. pinning.

  6. I love the sound of this recipe, Diane - it looks like real comfort food! Sausages and apples are so good together and I'm always looking for ways to use more cabbage as it's so good for us. Love the simplicity of this dish too. Pinned & will tweet. Thank you for sharing with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.


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