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My Favorite Adaptations from " Around My French Table" # Adieu French Fridays with Dorie

Pardina Lentils: simplelivingeating.com
Pardina Lentils a version of French Lentils 

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”
~ Julia Child

Since Dorie Greenspan and the Dorista's are all disciples of Julia Child I looked to our mutually loved deliverer of French cuisine to America for inspiration on how to say, "Adieu to French Fridays with Dorie."

Julia's quote sums up how we had to surrender all of our preconceived notions about cooking in order to make the recipes in "Around my French Table."...we had to develop a "what-the-hell attitude."

What-the-hell... I'll make cookies with seaweed.

What-the-hell... I'll pour 1/2 cup of olive oil into the ice cream I'm making.

What-the-hell... I'll cover a raw fine cut of salmon with salt and sugar...stick it in the fridge for 2 days and serve it my guests on New Year's day. (Along with some caviar in gelatin called: ASPIC!)

What-the-hell... I'll make soup out the ugliest vegetable I've ever seen in my life: celery root... and endure gastric-intestinal distress to say I ate Jerusalem Artichokes. 

What-the-hell... I'll put pistachios, almonds, dried figs and raisins in my linguine.

What the hell... I'll make a pancake out of swiss chard or corn while I sauté endives with apples and grapes?

There are many more big cooking risks that we took together. Yes, we pushed the boundaries of our American palates... been introduced to some strange and wonderful ingredients... (I firmly believe that Fleur de sel is more addictive and expensive than cocaine.) 

and along the way we became friends.

If my stomach could write it might be easier to put my gratitude into words, but all that comes out of my mouth is merci, merci, merci beacoup... a million times over Dorie Greenspan. It has been a honor and pleasure to have dined around your French table. 

To my fellow Dorista's "Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup." 

(Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly.)

Until we meet again...

More favorite adaptations:

Slow Cooker Riviera Fish Soup: simplelivingeating.com
Slow Cooker Riviera Fish Soup

Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles: simplelivingeating.com
Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles

Curried Mussels: simplelivingeating.com
Curried Mussels

Note: As a member of French Friday's with Dorie I am not allowed to print the recipe. I invite you to take a look at this wonderful cookbook "Around My French Table" if you are interested in this or any other recipe I review. 


  1. LOL---love your what the hell list! I have a feeling that's what Bill was thinking most weeks ;) I'm going to miss you and your FFwD adaptations BIG time. Hope we'll meet in person one day soon. xo

    1. I'm sure Bill was thinking worse than that! As long as we all keep in touch on FB we can plan more meet ups. Would love to get together.

  2. I don't know about "what the hell" but there was certainly a large "pourquoi pas?" element these past few years!!! Fingers crossed our paths will cross IRL soon!

    1. They mean the same thing to me... it depends how much cooking sherry you have in you when you speak it! You travel around a lot I hope you get to NY soon Mardi, truly would love to meet you.

  3. I laughed reading all the "what the hells"--very, very true, Diane! It's been a pleasure to visit your blog each week! I'll be revisiting many of your posts for those crockpot versions, for sure!

  4. Yes, you summed it up perfectly. I've always loved that quote from Julia Child. There was a lot of trust going on the day I added seaweed to my cookies. And having survived, I'll be more willing to take the next risk.

    It's been a joy cooking along with you these past few years. I love your down to earth attitude towards cooking and have enjoyed your weekly stories immensly. I'll drop you a line next time my travel plans bring me through New York.

  5. Your post had me laughing out loud at all the “what the hells"…I felt that way many times while cooking with this group!
    It has been a pleasure, Diane…but this is not good bye! I will continue following your blog and a meet-up in NYC is never out of the question! Sending hugs!

  6. What a fantastic list! SO many of those truly surprised me too! Seaweed in cookies? Of course, another what the hell act of faith was turning online friendships into real ones and we all did that too. In particular I treasure ours my dear. Can't wait until we meet again!

  7. That's definitely us... throwing caution to the wind, investing in our pantries, and having a blast while we do it. It's no wonder we are all sad to see this first chapter of our French Fridays adventure close out. I will continue heading your advice to eat well, laugh often and love abundantly, Diane.

  8. So hilarious and all so true !!! This post had me laughing out loud instead of teary eyed but I am immensely touched all the same. It has been fabulous to get to know you via this adventure and I am sure we will be catching up in person in the future. All the best ~

  9. LOL - reading your "what the hells", they are spot on! Some of the things we made, I would never have done on my own. I would have gone "nope" and moved right along. It's been fun cooking along with you Diane and I look forward to seeing where your cooking adventures take you next.

  10. Great. Great. Great. I loved this, Diane. And, your summary is perfection. I wish you great good luck in all the cooking and blogging adventures ahead. I certainly will keep subscribing so I'm notified of each Post. I certainly admire how you feed your family, accomodating everyone's needs, in such a healthy way. Wish there were more parents like the two of you. I'll see you in October. Just booked my flights. Will send you an e-mail this week-end.

  11. Diane, what a great post! WTH?, Indeed!! It has been a fun journey - and I agree, so many new recipes and new ingredients! Who would have thought - orange flower water? But we've definitely learned a lot along the way. It's been a joy reading your posts, and I look forward to seeing what you're up to!

  12. Diane, I've enjoyed dining with you each week. This is a great wrap. Your no-nonsense attitude towards eating as well as living life well is inspiring. I always look forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve. The best part of this group has been the friends I've made. I feel fortunate to have been able to hang out with you a couple of times. Looking forward to seeing you again in October.

  13. A great post Diane, I really enjoyed it. This is really not the end, I will be keeping up with you on FB and reading your blog.
    Have a great weekend and possibly there will be a meet up in the future.

  14. Diane, this journey has certainly forged us all together and I am sure that there are many cooking/baking adventures still ahead for this lovely and talented group of bloggers!
    It has been a pleasure to get to know you trough the AMFT - take good care of yourself and "see" you soon,

  15. There were definitely moments of "are you serious" throughout this journey, but I am glad to have gone with it.
    I have enjoyed your simplifications and adaptations over the past few years - look forward to catching up in the fall.
    Until we meet again...

  16. Love that list, Diane! We've taken so many risks in our kitchens over the course of this group. I'm glad you joined the group and I'm looking forward to seeing where your blogging adventures take you now.

  17. What a great post. This cookbook, and group, has pushed my boundaries in so many ways. Thanks for the links to your favorite adaptations. I want to try the slow cooker one.

  18. Great post, loved reading WTH sounds really funny, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  19. Hi Diane,
    I just love this post and all your wonderful food, it made me smile. Hope you and your family have a great 4th of July, stay safe and have fun! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great day!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen


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