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You Grill Girl! Applegate Hot Dogs #Weekly Menu Plan

hot dogs: simplelivingeating.com

This post is sponsored by Applegate. All opinions are my own. 

It is grilling season and hot dogs are a classic! I am very careful about the type of hot dog I buy for my family. I worry about fillers and artifical additives. Do you really know what meat by-products are? 

I say it's best to stick with Applegate's 100% grass-fed beef  hot dogs (raised without antibiotics or hormones). They are truly the "cleaner weiner."

hot dog mustard: simplelivingeating.com

Don't stop at the hot dog for heathier ingredients. Buy Sir Kensington mustard and ketchup along with Vermont Bread Company's Natural Potato Hot Dog Buns. None of these products contain high fructose corn-syrup or any artifical ingredients. 

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What I love about hot dogs is that you don't need any special grilling skills to successfully cook them. My daughter had a blast cooking them up over an open fire for the family....you Grill Girl!

girl grilling: simplelivingeating.com

Dad loved getting a break from grilling. We all agree that Applegate hot dogs are now our favorite dog.

girl and dog: simplelivingeating.com

Well, there might be one dog that we love over Applegate hot dogs... but she would probably sell us out for just one Applegate hot dog!!! 

Weekly Menu Plan:

Sunday: Chicken Francese, Lemon Barley Pilaf, Green Bean Salad

Meatless Monday: Traditional Succotash (thaw)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, Brioche Buns, Cole Slaw

Friday: Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Roasted Potatoes and Salad

Saturday: Grilled Chicken with Moroccan Spiced Rub and Couscous with Cucumber and Tomato Salad

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