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3 Simple Ways to Loss Weight #Weekly Menu Plan

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It is post holiday season, and you are really starting to notice the extra pounds you gained. There is plenty of time before bathing suit weather to slowly and safely lose weight. 

Forget about fade diets that mess up your metabolism, provide only temporary results, and make you feel miserable. Here are three easy ways to loss weight without dieting. 

1) Eat three meals a day. Don't snack. There have been studies that say if you eat small meals all day long you will loss weight, but doing this is just not practical unless you are able to calculate the calories of each snack, and make sure it doesn't add up to too many calories. It is so much easier and pleasurable to just eat three full meals a day that are about 400 to 500 calories each. If you include protein, whole grain carbohydrates, full fat dairy products, and plenty of vitamin rich vegetables and fruits in each meal, you will feel satisfied, and you will not be hungry in between meals. Make meal times an event. Plan your meals. Sit and enjoy your food with friends and family. You will shed pounds without effort, because snacks are usually high calorie, nutritionally empty foods. Try these dishes to get you started: Weight Loss Yogurt Cereal Breakfast, Dieter's Tartine: Tomato Cucumber Salad over Cottage Cheese, Slow Cooker Riviera Fish Soup

2) Drink water, tea, and coffee... and just a little bit of wine. Forget diet sodas. Studies have found that the artificial sweeteners actually stimulate cravings for sugar, along with ruining the micro flora of your stomach, and causing bloating and acid reflux. Have a glass of water at all of your meals. Drink water when if you feel hungry between meals. Sometimes your body will send a hunger signal when it actually needs hydration. Drink tea and coffee without sweeteners and milk (or very little) all day. This is a good way to keep your energy up during the day, and reduce your hunger cravings. When you feel like eating drink some tea or coffee.. a little caffeine may boost your metabolism, you'll get some bioflavonoids, and a slight appetite suppressant. At the end of your day, include one glass of wine in your calorie count for dinner if it is something you enjoy. If not have a 100 calorie dessert instead. I find a chunk of dark chocolate very satisfying after dinner. 

3) Walk, walk, walk... instead of reaching for a snack go for a walk when you need energy, even if it just a quick stroll around your office building. Get outside, fresh air and sunlight will lift your mood and energize you. A good hour a day of brisk walking is terrific for dropping pounds because unlike intense cardiovascular exercise walking doesn't make you hungry. Exercise is an important part of weight control and over all health and well being, but don't  rely on it as your primary way of losing weight. You really don't shed that many pounds exercising... controlling your food in take is the most important part of weight loss. Lifting weights a few times a week is helpful too, because the more muscular you are the more energy your body burns. Everyone loses muscle mass as we get older.. so hit the gym or get a weight lifting video, and lift some weights 3 or so times a week. 

Try these simple life style changes, and I guarantee you will loss some weight, feel better, get out of your negative relationship with food, and just enjoy life a little more. 

Weekly Menu Plan:

Sunday: Slow Cooker Chili, Corn Bread

Meatless Monday: Frittata with leftover vegetables from dip.

Tuesday:  Norwegian Fish cakes, sour cream, Swiss Chard

Wednesday: Chicken Soup with homemade bread (Had both in the freezer.)

Thursday: Stir fry with some leftover Asian Sauce, leftover vegetables, edamame beans and fried egg. 

Friday: Sicilian Tuna Pasta and green salad

Saturday: leftovers


  1. There are great tips in this post, Diane. So many of us have had weight creep up over the holidays. I managed to get rid of mine with a combination of exercise and healthy eating but I'm still working on losing even more weight. I do tend to snack a bit as it helps with my blood sugar as we can't eat as a family until about 8pm most nights, but I reduce the calories I eat in the meals I have to make up for it. Sharing your post. Thank you for being a part of our Hearth and Soul Hop.

    1. I would have to snack too to eat at 8pm. Glad to hear you were able to get your holiday creep under control.
      It really becomes a challenge to keep extra weight off as you age, but I think it is well worth it too.


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