Simple Organizing: Think Out of the Box. Store in the Box: “Car Boxes Keep the Clutter at Bay”

I would never have guessed that a box would be such a God send. I got a 10.5″ by 10.5″ box for my passenger seat to store my little traveling office. My car is so much cleaner! Since I got “the box” I haven’t lost any mail or letters between seat cushions. I remember to drop off library books and return borrowed items because I see them all clearly in “the box”. 
Here’s the greatest thing about “the box,” when I do need to have a person sit in the front seat, I no longer go through that awkward moment when I have to quickly pick up all the junk on the passenger seat and throw it on the floor in the back. Now, I just lift up “the box” and put it into my trunk with out embarassment!
The trunk storage box is excellent too especially if you have a pet. I keep my dog’s blanket, treats, and lease in it, along with reusable grocery bags and a first aid kit. Again, what is so wonderful about having “the box” is the way it contains your clutter. My trunk looks nicer, and it is easier to clean. When I want to vacuum it out, I just lift “the box” out and clean. I know there is so much talk these days about doing and taking things “out of the box” but trust me, some things really should stay in “the box”.