A Simple Way to Keep Your House Clutter Free: On the Way Organizing: : Simple Organizing

Keeping your home tidy can be pretty simple, but you do need to be conscientious.
You can’t put blinders on when you go about your day. Don’t walk by the little messes, these are the seeds of the big mess that will accumulate by the end of the day if just keep walking by…
The rule is: If it takes less than a minute to clean it up… do it!
Put the pens back in the draw. Throw away the scraps of paper left by your daughter when she was doodling. Put your junk mail in the recycling bin. 
If something belongs on a different floor. Make a pile at the bottom of the stairs, so when you do go upstairs you’ll remember to bring the items up with you. Even if you don’t have time to put them away… depositing them in the room that they belong in is half the cleaning battle.
Before you go to bed at night set up the house. 
Go around to each room, pick up glasses, stack newspapers… tidy up, so in the morning you start clean and organized instead of with the mess from the day before.
I find it psychologically important to start the day with a clean house… it reminds me that each day is a fresh start.
When I’ve left the clutter from the day before I tend to feel burdened and overwhelmed…I feel what’s the sense why put today’s stuff away… it is only going to get messy again. Yes, it will, but it doesn’t have to get the best of you!
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