Simplify Your Recipe Collection: Simple Organizing

I enjoy collecting recipes and cookbooks probably more than the average person.

  I can sit on a Sunday afternoon and read a cookbook like it was a novel. 

So it is very hard for me to keep my recipe collection pared down to what really interests me, and what I am really using to cook with on a daily basis.

My first line of defense is Pinterest. 

On this site I collect all the images of recipes I want to try. When I try them and like them, I move the recipe to a new board called, “Tried and liked.” If I didn’t like a recipe I just delete it from the “To Try” board.

I know there are a lot of on line site to keep recipes stored and organized, but I like using Pinterest because I am not limited to just the recipes on a particular directory. 

I also like to print out recipes. 

I am not going to bring my laptop into the kitchen and risk getting something spilled on it, or having it getting sticky keys from my cooking fingers.

When I print a recipe out, I put it in a plastic sleeve. I only pull the recipe out of the sleeve to make notes about any changes I’ve made to the recipe (which I can’t resist doing, I have a need to personalize)

If I cooked a recipe I like it then I will file it in a binder which I have divided into: Vegetarian, Meat, Fish, Desserts, etc… sections for easy access.

As far as cookbooks are concerned I’ve really reduced the number I own because they take up so much space. 

If I only like a few recipes in a book I just photocopy them and put them in my binder. Only cookbooks that I use 10 or more recipes out of do I keep.