Trashless Lunch: Simple Living in Practice

It is almost back to school and work for many of us across the country. Remember what the Andie MacDowell character kept worrying about in the movie, Sex, Lies, and Videotapes, What are we going to do with all of the garbage?

*The average American family produces about 100 pounds of garbage a week, about 3 pounds per day per person. You can do something about this… make your lunch trashless.

Invest in reusable sandwich holders, get a soup thermos for hot items, a metal water bottle and a sturdy lunch bag. You’ll eat smaller portions and better food if you bring your own lunch… and you’ll save money in the long run!

It is really important to get good quality products. I got my family’s lunch bags from LLBean and we have used them for years. They are machine washable and you can get them monogrammed (a good way to prevent a coworker or a kid’s friend from “accidentally” eating your lunch.)

I truly believe that it worth getting the best quality of these items you can find. They will pay off very quickly because they last for years instead of months like the cheaper version.

I had to learn this the lesson the hard way. When I first switched to metal bottles with the desire to avoid BPA plastics I was shocked that you pay about $20 for a quality SIGG water bottle, so I went to a discount store, bought bottles for $10, washed them a few times in the dishwasher and their paint peeled.

I don’t find it practical to not be able to wash water bottles in the dishwasher, so it is worth it to me to invest in the SIGG bottles because they are indestructible. They don’t peel, they barely dent and they come in super cool designs.

More designs for SIGG have been created by SMAY Design, a local graphic art company than any other designer. So in celebration of our local artist, I am offering a raffle for one of SMAY’s SIGG creations.. enter below… and do your part to reduce the garbage!