Paris-Brest: Cream Puff Ring #French Fridays with Dorie

“A giant cream puff, who cares?” was my first thought about making the Paris-Brest. I wasn’t even the one who was going to make it. The honors go to my pastry chef daughter.

I thought the story of the dessert was charming.. made to resemble a bicycle wheel to be served at the end of a race from Paris to Brest that has been taking place since 1891… yes, but it was still just a cream puff.

Quelle surprise! This dessert was nothing short of orgasmic… a simple puffed pastry dough filled with vanilla pastry cream, who would have guessed it would bring so much pleasure. The cream was not too sweet, not too much vanilla flavor…a perfectly rich consistency. The pastry.. light and buttery with a little flake to it, but not sticky.. just a wonderful eating experience.

 We didn’t even have almonds on ours because of my daughter’s nut allergy. I kept cutting another little piece…an another little piece, until the wheel disappeared.

Thank goodness there was a little bit of dough and cream left over to make cream puffs.

I can assure you these quickly disappeared too…

Here is a Paris-Brest Recipe… but if you want Dorie’s, and you do, you really do… get the cookbook: Around My French Table.

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