Butter and Rum Crepes #French Fridays with Dorie

I had my first crepe when I was 14. My oldest sister brought me to Paris on a very low budget. For breakfast we shared a baguette that you could buy for under 50 cents on the street. You could buy them fresh 5 times a day…the bread was amazing. For lunch I could either eat a gelato or a nutella crepe. Dinner was the only proper meal we had for the day. 

This food rationing enabled my sister to buy a silk dress and get a facial in a top salon… I was allowed to buy a pocketbook and was reminded that it was very nice of my sister to take me on the trip to be her porter.  

Just like Dorie describes, crepes are a fast food found all over Paris. I love the French idea of fast food (unfortunately, McDonalds has been making in roads).

Now that I’ve cooked, (well my daughter cooked) crepes at home I can see why they are so prevalent; super quick and easy to make, and you can fill them with something savory or sweet.

We made our crepe batter with Grand Marnier and skipped the dark rum at my daughter’s request. Thought if I plan on serving crepes with ice cream I am going to opt for rum flavored. 

The Grand Marnier, lemon, and orange zest gave the crepes a complex citrus flavor that was just a little sweet. We stuffed ours with lemon curd and strawberries, and I had to try one with Nutella for old times sake. 

Another French myth busted. 

Crepes are not hard to make. You don’t need a crepe pan, I used a regular 10 inch nonstick skillet, just flip the crepes with your fingers and they won’t fold up on you. Nothing difficult about this, and such a super versatile treat.

Here is a Crepe Suzette Recipe that is very similar to Dorie’s recipe… but if you want the real deal you know you need to get a copy of, “Around My French Table.”

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