Simplify Your Wardrobe: Before you go Spring Shopping! #Simple Living in Practice

The snow is finally melting and our days are getting above freezing. It is time to shed heavy wool sweaters and corduroys… and replace them with cotton tops and jeans. But when I looked into my Spring bin of clothes… some looked dingy, others looked out of shape, and some just didn’t fit right.

Time to do some Spring shopping, but before you just wander into the mall and get seduced by all the latest trends. Take a real inventory of your clothes and have a list what you actually need.

Here is how I approach Spring shopping.

1) Are clothes not fitting well because I gained weight over the winter? Check. Time to shed some pounds. The thought of shelling out hundreds of dollars on new clothes is motivation for me to loss my winter weight. I’ve started writing down everything I eat and drink. No snacks between meal except for fruit and nuts. I’ve doubled my exercise time. I don’t go shopping until I’ve lost enough weight that I’m within the size range that I normally wear. The thought of getting some new clothes could work as motivation too. Cut some items out of magazines, or make a pin board of clothes you like… to get you to go to the gym, or for a run or walk.

2) Decide on a color base palette for each season. When most of your clothes for a season are the same neutral tone they mix and match well. Neutrals work with what ever the fashion color of the season is too; so you can buy a new top in the latest color, and not have to buy pants or a skirt to go with it. Here are the palettes I use for each season. You can decide what is best for you.

SPRING: navy, khaki
SUMMER: white
FALL: brown
WINTER: black

3) Decide what are BASIC items for you and spend money on these. Buy good quality and make sure they fit. This may mean you won’t get them on sale, but you will get your money’s worth because you will wear them. A sale item is not a bargain if it sits in your closet with the tag on.

4) My basic’s are:

SPRING: Navy cigarette pants, Khaki trousers classic fit, straight leg jeans dark denim, black leggings. white jeans that will transition into summer, a fitted white cotton blouse, black or navy flats, a cotton pullover sweater, a cotton wrap sweater, a navy or khaki blazer, a khaki raincoat, fitted long sleeve t-shirts white and seasonal colors. I buy these and scarfs inexpensively in trendy fun colors.

SUMMER: white, khaki, black, navy shorts, loose cotton sundress, cotton t-shirts and polo shirts various colors, supportive sandals. Transitional cotton sweaters from Spring for the evening. A light weight cashmere sweater in white is nice to have over dresses and shirts in over air conditioned restaurants etc., light weight blue jeans are a good staple too.

FALL: Brown wool trousers, brown, tan, corduroys, a tweed blazer, olive, orange, burgundy… autumn color button down shirts patterned and solid. Long sleeve solid t-shirts in tan, off white, knee high brown boots with one to two inch heel at the most, denim skirt, Fall color sweaters, pullover and wraps: one tan or off white wrap sweater in wool.

WINTER: black wool trousers, black corduroys, wool sweaters, black and white turtlenecks, silk and light cashmere scarfs, black and white wrap wool sweaters, black knee high leather boots, warm winter shoes: like a sherlining lined clog, lined jeans. Jewel tone shirts and sweaters.