Good Food Made Simple Breakfast Challenge #Healthy Eating #Weekly Menu Plan

You’ve heard it a million times from your parents, from your health teacher in high school, from the morning TV shows you watch while you are supposedly exercising: 

Eat breakfast it’s the most important meal of the day.
We know it’s true. People who eat breakfast have more energy, can concentrate longer so they perform better at work and school and they tend to be thinner… why thinner?
It seems that when you are not starving you tend to make better choices about the foods you eat. If you skipped breakfast and a tray of donuts is passed around at a 10 am meeting… you grab one or a dozen and gobble them down because you are truly hungry.
Which brings me to the my real point. We know we should eat breakfast but WHAT we eat for breakfast matters as much as eating something.
The people at Good Food Made Simplehave challenged me and you to eat for two weeks only breakfast foods containing all-natural, CLEAN ingredients – no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, colors or hydrogenated oils and see how you feel.
Good Food Made Simple products have really helped my family and I stay on track with this challenge. My kids are tweens and teens and mornings and breakfast are a struggle. They barely get out of bed in enough time to make the bus.
I have been sending them out in the morning with a Good Food Made Simple breakfast burrito. It only takes a minute to microwave and these easy to carry sandwiches are a complete meal made of REAL food. My son really likes the Eggs, Cheese & Uncured Bacon Burrito and my daughter loves the Garden Veggieone made with mozzarella & feta cheese: potatoes, peppers, spinach and onions.
I never have time to make steel cut oatmeal in the morning which takes about a half hour to make on the stove, so I am really enjoying Good Food Made Simple Steel Cut Oatmeal you get an amazing amount of fiber from steel cut oatmeal and the taste is nuttier than regular oatmeal and theirs is ready in 3 1/2 minutes. 
Myself and my family have had so much more energy in the morning, and I haven’t gotten my mid-morning cravings for chocolate lately. I think that is because Good Food Made Simple products contain a healthy dose of lean protein which keeps your blood sugar from crashing and holds off hunger pains until lunch.
I can really keep moving for a long time especially when I eat one of Good Food Made Simple Breakfast in a Bowl. I love the Southwestern Veggie one; it has eggs and cheese along with good fat avocados and tasty black beans and salsa. This is a super fuel meal.
Please join me in this breakfast challenge, you and your family will feel amazingly energized and you might be surprised that you loss a few pounds too by eating breakfast.