The Cleaner Wiener: Applegate #Healthy Eating #Weekly Menu Plan

When I was in college I went to a lecture by Ralph Nader titled “What’s in your Hot Dog?” I didn’t know then what “animal by-products” really where, and I was horrified to hear that string was allowed in hot dogs too! Sales of hot dogs pretty much stopped on campus after that lecture. I don’t think he was ever asked back to the school.

I decided then that I would only eat all beef hot dogs. As I got older and learned more about healthy eating, I found out that nitrates, used to cure meat, can cause cancer, and that the problem with antibiotic resistant bacteria is primarily caused by the meat industry feeding antibiotics to healthy animals just to fatten them up quicker.

I pretty much gave up on hot dogs, until I tried Applegate’s Cleaner Wiener. Their hot dogs are nitrate free and made with meat from animals that were not feed antibiotics or growth hormones.

My kids know that additives are not good to eat, but what really sold them on Applegate’s hot dogs was the taste.

I have to agree you actually taste fresh seasoning and the meat just seems REAL…  My kids agreed these hot dogs are REAL FOOD!

I still won’t give them to my dog even though they are “Hot DOGS” I just don’t think table food is good for her… she’ll have to just enjoy the smell… sorry pup!