Waffles and Cream #French Fridays with Dorie

It was 7 am on a Saturday morning. I decided to make some of the waffles before I woke up my kids for fencing practice. I wanted to have time to “mess up” because anxiety always set in for me when I have to cook anything having to do with flour.

Dorie’s recipe for “Waffles and Cream” was unlike any waffle recipe I had ever made: 9 tablespoons of butter and only 1/2 cup of flour? (Très étrange.) But I trust Dorie when it comes to baking. So I followed the recipe exactly, and I was glad that she told us not to freak out when the batter looks likes floating islands.

I made two of the waffles, quickly photographed them, and then dug in. Because they had so little flour I was thrilled that my gluten free flour did not taste gritty in these waffles. They tasted normal, which is a rare experience for me these days. 

The waffles did seem very light, definitely dessert waffles, not breakfast waffles. I ate two of them, and regretted it within minutes when the butter hit me like a brick. I hate the feeling of having eaten too much of something too rich.

My kids, on the other hand, thought these waffles were magnificent. They want me to make them all the time. Warning: do not leave the batter sitting around. I should have known better because the recipe contains egg whites. The kids’ waffles were tasty, but flat in comparison to the first two that I made earlier in the morning.

We made it to fencing practice with full bellies, mine a little fuller than I would have preferred. Having a good breakfast before fencing is very important right now, especially for my daughter who has qualified for the nationals this summer in San Jose, CA. Too bad the event isn’t going to be in Southern California where more Dorista’s are located. My husband used to work for a San Jose based company. He has friends out there, so he gets to bring my daughter to the tournament. Do you know the way to San Jose? For fencers it’s practice. 

The recipe for Waffles and Cream can be found here. 

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