Cuban Burger (Frita) #Food of the World

It is summer and I find myself Dreaming in Cuban. No not just finally getting to read this great novel by Cristina Garcia but actually wanting to go to Cuba.

I never thought I would see the day that the US and Cuba normalized relationships. Cuba has become a romanticized place in my mind.

Forever suspended in time… 1950’s glamorous casinos, famous mobsters, classic old American cars and the seductive beat of Cuban music.

I hope I get there sometime soon before it’s charm becomes corrupted and Americanized by our big hotel chains.

For now I will indulge my fantasy of Cuba by biting into a Cuban Burger: know in Cuba as a Frita, probably because it served with shoestring french fries. 

Looking at many recipes for this burger I discovered that Mexican Chorizo sausage contains many of the seasonings that are in a Cuban Burger. Since a Frita is basically a beef and pork burger I just mixed my beef with chorizo sausage.. no other seasoning required. By using frozen french fries this became a really quick version of a Cuban Burger that can be made any day of the week. Make sure you get Mexican Chorizo, Spanish Chorizo is too hard. 

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