What Happens When You Mix Diet Coke And Mentos? (Best solution)

Mentos and Coca-Cola combine to produce an explosive reaction, resulting in the quick formation of an explosion-proof fountain of pressurized Coca-Cola that explodes out of the bottleneck and shoots high into the air. Microscopically small imperfections in the surface of the Mentos serve as nucleation sites for the formation of carbon dioxide bubbles.

Does Coke and Mentos work with Diet Coke?

Nothing more complicated than dropping a tube of Mentos candies into a bottle of Pepsi. Typically, diet soda, particularly Diet Coke or another cola, is used to do the trick; however, the primary reason for this is that diet beverages are less sticky and simpler to clean up than regular sodas.

What happens when you mix Diet Coke and Mentos together?

With each successive drop of the Mentos candy into the bottle, the candy causes the production of ever-increasing amounts of carbon dioxide bubbles, and the rising bubbles react with carbon dioxide that is still dissolved in the soda, causing even more carbon dioxide to be released and the formation of even more bubbles, resulting in an eruption.

Which soda will explode the highest with Mentos?

Diet Coke produced the most impressive explosions with either fruit or mint Mentos, with the fountains traveling a horizontal distance of up to 7 metres, according to the findings.

What else besides Mentos makes Coke explode?

If I test the ability of Mentos, Wintergreen Lifesavers, Icebreakers Frost Mints, and Pop Rocks to cause Diet Coke to explode, Pop Rocks will produce the largest Diet Coke explosion of all of the products tested.

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What do you add to Coke and Mentos to make foam?

A plastic cup filled with nine rolls of Mentos (about 126 Mentos discs) and baking soda was used to cause the soda to explode, according to the researchers. In addition, they prepared a cup of green food coloring in order to make the explosion appear more appealing aesthetically.

Does fruit Mentos work with Coke?

Mint Mentos coupled with diet coke often bursts for the longest and at the highest volume, whereas fruit Mentos normally explodes more slowly and with less impact. Due to the fact that fruity Mentos have an additional layer of taste, they take longer to respond than other flavors.

Why does Mentos react better with Diet Coke?

Why do Diet Coke and Coke Zero have a better reaction to Mentos than regular Coke? A lack of sugar in diet and zero-calorie Coca-Colas allows them to react better with Mentos than regular Coca-Cola does. Given the presence of sweeteners such as aspartame in the soda combination, the absence of sugar causes the mixture to be less viscous, resulting in a lower surface tension than would otherwise be the case.

Has anyone died from Coke and Mentos?

Is it true that eating Mentos and drinking Coca-Cola at the same time might cause you to pass out? This is a popular urban legend. It is true that placing Mentos into a bottle of Coke will result in a spectacular geyser of soda erupting from the bottle when the bottle is opened. You will not receive the same effect from eating Mentos after drinking Coke, on the other hand.

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Does temperature affect Mentos and Diet Coke?

Because water is less effective at dissolving carbon dioxide at higher temperatures, the higher the temperature. A better fountain was created as a result of the combination of warmer Diet Coke and Mentos, which forced even more carbon dioxide out of the Diet Coke. As a result, the carbon dioxide is able to escape much more readily.

What can I substitute for Mentos?

You may substitute another candy for the Mentos, such as M&Ms or Skittles, but the ideal candies are those that stack neatly in a column with little space between them, have a chalky consistency, and are just large enough to fit through the mouth of a 2-liter bottle, as seen in the photo.

What do they mix with Coke to make it explode?

Diet Coke and Mentos are combined to produce a stunning soda fountain, which may transform an average day into something remarkable. When two delectable substances are combined to form a geyser of carbon dioxide bubbles, kids will have a blast watching (and participating in) this entertaining and simple chemical process.

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