What Diet Soda Has No Aspartame? (TOP 5 Tips)

In Coca-Cola products such as Diet Coke, Fanta Zero, Fresca, and Coke Zero, aspartame can still be found in trace amounts.
Diet soda that does not include aspartame.

Diet Sodas With Aspartame Diet Sodas Without Aspartame
Pepsi Zero Sugar Hansen’s
Diet Barq’s
Sprite Zero
Fanta Zero

• a total of eight

What is the healthiest diet soda to drink?

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Is there Diet Pepsi without aspartame?

Diet Pepsi without aspartame is now available for purchase. 10th of August, 2015 —- Diet Pepsi sans aspartame, developed by PepsiCo, will hit store shelves in the United States today, marking the first time the beverage has been marketed without the artificial sweetener.

Does Diet Dr Pepper have aspartame?

Diet Dr Pepper is sweetened with the artificial sweetener aspartame, which is derived from sugar cane.

Is stevia better than aspartame?

As you can see, aspartame tastes better than stevia, has fewer aftertastes, and has the potential to significantly improve the flavor of your meal. Stevia, on the other hand, is thought to offer more potential health advantages than sugar and is, in some respects, a safer sugar alternative.

Is Dr Pepper Zero the same as diet?

According to Hype Beast, the difference is in the sweetening ingredient used in the recipe. While Diet Dr Pepper is sweetened with the artificial sweetener aspartame, Zero Sugar sweetens the beverage using acesulfame potassium. According to reports, the combination gives the drink a more enticing flavor.

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Does Dr Pepper 10 have aspartame?

Despite the fact that Pepper Ten includes just 10 calories per serving, it still contains sneaky ingredients such as aspartame and caramel color.

Is Splenda aspartame?

Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame are used. Aspartame-free Splenda contains fillers that are likewise present in aspartame-based sweeteners, but it does not include aspartame itself.

What is in Diet Pepsi now instead of aspartame?

Earlier this year, PepsiCo moved from a sugar-laden version of Diet Pepsi in the United States to a version sweetened with sucralose, the chemical compound found in the sweetener brand Splenda. Aspartame is derived from two amino acids, whereas sucralose is a sugar that has been changed by the addition of chlorine.

Does Sprite Zero have aspartame?

In the United States, Sprite Zero is sweetened using a combination of aspartame and Ace-K, which results in a crisp, clean taste with fewer or no calories.

Is Ace-K the same as aspartame?

The sugar substitute aspartame and the artificial sweetener Ace-K are used in the production of Sprite Zero in the United States to provide a crisp, clear flavor with little or no calories.

How many diet sodas a day is safe?

However, like with many meals that include artificial chemicals, there is a safe daily limit for this substance. An average adult should take no more than 40 milligrams of aspartame per kilogram of body weight per day, according to the American Dietetic Association. Most people would have to consume at least 14 cans of diet beverages each day in order to surpass the limit.

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What is the healthiest sugar substitute?

The use of artificial additives should be limited to a safe daily limit, as with many other foods. Approximately 40 milligrams of aspartame per kilogram of body weight per day should be consumed by a healthy adult. For the majority of people, drinking at least 14 cans of diet soda per day would be necessary to surpass the limit.

What is the safest sugar substitute?

There are a few exceptions to this rule, including erythritol, xylitol, stevia leaf extracts, and neotame, which are all excellent and safe sugar alternatives. Erythritol: This sugar alcohol can produce nausea when consumed in large quantities (more than 40 or 50 grams, or 10 or 12 teaspoons), although lesser amounts are usually not a problem. (Sensitivities differ from person to person.)

Is Truvia better than Splenda?

Neither of them will have an effect on your blood sugar levels. The nutritional differences between these two items are negligible, hence I am unable to recommend one product over the other. If you prefer something that is more natural, Truvia is a good option for you to consider. If you’re searching for a sugar blend that you can use in baking, go no further than Splenda’s Sugar Blend.

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