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Simple Living and Eating is a blog about living and eating in harmony with the planet through Seasonal Eating with the Mediterranean Diet & Traditional Cooking.

How does one do this?

By simplifying your life, deciding what are the most important things to you, and focusing your energy and attention on just those things.

For me the most important things are health, family, friends, food and the environment. The articles on this blog are focused on these topics.

My post schedule is as follows:

Healthy Eating & Weekly Menu Plan:

In this post I discuss a food, cuisine, or health topic and present my meal plan for the week. I am a proponent of traditional eating as espoused by the organization OldWays.I think a varied diet that is low in animal products and filled with primarily organic and locally grown produce is the healthiest diet for both people and the planet. I include my weekly menu plan so you can see a regular example of eating in the traditional style, along with a chance to get specific recipes to try.

Food of the World, Simple Living in Practice or Simple Living Ideas:

On some Tuesdays I present either a practical example of how my family and I live simply by: composting, camping, keeping bees…along with organizing tips; or I discuss a Simple Living idea like minimalism, discernment, environmentalism, consumerism, etc.On the second Tuesday of each month I host a “Food of the World” linky party where you get to share a dish you made from the country that was chosen the month before. Fill in your email below for a monthly reminder for this party.

On some days I share a recipe of mine that is either from my Italian – American heritage or other Mediterranean country… sometimes I make a traditional American dish, that I probably infused with another culture’s traditional seasoning or a simplified version of traditional dish from a foreign country.

French Fridays with Dorie: Around my French Table

This is the day I post the recipe I’ve cooked from Dorie Greenspan’s French cookbook. I joined this cyber cooking club as a way to explore the traditional cuisine of France. I hope this series will encourage you to try a new cuisine yourself. We have completed cooking through the book, but please check out the posts and adaptations I made of many of Dorie’s recipes.
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The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have greatly shaped my life. One of my earliest memories is of spending hours at my grandmother’s house next door making pasta. When I got older the Italians that lived in the court behind my house taught me how garden “the old world way”.  My grandmother made her own sausage and salamis which her brother turned into a family business called: R. Perri’s & Son’s Sausage it is still widely distributed in New England.

I currently live about an hour outside of New York City in a very rural horse town. My family and I have an organic garden and orchard. We also keep bees, make our own maple syrup, and do cool projects like build canoes.  We cross country ski in the winter and hike everyday with our dog in the woods near our home. In the summer we try to get up to the Adirondack Mountains as much as we can to hike, camp, and tool around in our boat… we live a simple nature oriented life.

I have had many careers. I worked for years in retail for Macy’s department store and Paragon Sporting Goods in New York City. I ran one of the first “environmentally friendly” stores in the country and I was a buyer for a health food store. When I suffered retail burn out I went back to school and became a high school English teacher. My goal now is to synthesize what I’ve learned from my experience in these seemingly diverse fields into a practical advice blog that will simplify your life and put easy to make healthy food on your table.


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