How Much Is Prolon Diet? (Perfect answer)

The most significant disadvantage of the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is its high cost. At the moment, a meal kit costs $249 per box when purchased in quantities of up to two boxes, and $225 when purchased in quantities of three or more boxes. If you follow the suggested five-day routine every one to six months, the costs might rapidly pile up if you do not budget for them.

How much is the ProLon fast?

ProLon’s The Fasting Mimicking Diet (regularly $249) is unlike any other diet on the market. The five-day diet plan, devised by Dr. Valter Longo, is intended to put you into a fasting condition without requiring you to abstain from meals altogether.

How much weight will I lose on ProLon?

Over the course of three cycles (once a month for three months), ProLon® was proven to assist participants in losing an average of 5.7 pounds and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference [5] while maintaining their muscle mass. Unsurprisingly, the majority of people regain the weight they had lost immediately after completing a fasting diet.

How long does a ProLon box last?

The favorable benefits of the ProLon® food program studied in clinical trials must be maintained for a minimum of 5 consecutive days. As a result, the diet should be followed for the whole five-day period. If the diet must be ended sooner than expected, however, the healthcare professional should be notified immediately.

How many calories a day is ProLon?

The daily caloric intake with ProLon ranges between 770 and 1100 calories, with the majority of those calories coming from nutritious components that are both nourishing and delicious. Polylysine is a naturally occurring preservative found in ProLon energy drink.

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Is ProLon a keto diet?

However, even if the ProLon diet kit is not officially Keto-friendly, you may make your own DIY Keto FMD using the ingredients included in the kit. In the event that you are already on a Ketogenic diet, the good news is that you will most likely have a minor edge when it comes to participating in the FMD.

Can you do ProLon twice a month?

When someone undergoes ProLon for the first treatment, we recommend that they do it once a month for three consecutive months. When you have completed your initial three cycles, you can consider limiting yourself to no more than one cycle per month for up to six months, or continuing once every three months, depending on your health objectives.

Which day is the hardest on ProLon?

Lunch will be served about 2:30, followed by supper around 6:30/7. If at all possible, go to bed early and sleep late! The longer you are up, the more time you have to fill your day with activities. Wednesday: This was by far the most difficult day, since you had very little food to sustain you.

Can you exercise on ProLon?

Extreme physical activity is not recommended during fasting since it might cause dehydration and increase negative nitrogen balance (your body’s consumption of protein). As a result, when fasting, it is preferable to limit activity to a minimum and engage in activities such as walking, yoga, and stretching.

What should I eat after a ProLon diet?

What happens once you finish your diet? Users should avoid binge eating on Day 6, once the ProLon diet has concluded, and gradually return to their regular diet on Day 7. Liquid foods such as soups and fruit juices should be consumed first, followed by light meals consisting of rice, pasta, and modest servings of meat, fish, and/or legumes, followed by dessert.

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Can you drink alcohol on ProLon?

Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to reduce the risk of becoming dehydrated. Stay away from alcoholic beverages, excessive activity, and exposure to high temperatures (such as those in saunas, spas, and Jacuzzis) or cold conditions (such as those in swimming pools). Maintain extreme caution when operating a motor vehicle or large pieces of heavy machinery until it has been determined how ProLon® will impact you.

Can you drink sparkling water on ProLon?

Are sparkling water and distilled water safe to consume? There are no restrictions on the sorts of sparkling waters that can be consumed as long as they do not contain artificial sweeteners, nonnutritive/noncaloric sweeteners, or nutritive sweeteners.

How many times can you do ProLon?

HOW DO YOU GO ABOUT DOING PROLON? The fast is intended to be completed three times over three months to begin with, with a minimum of 25 days between each session. For an average healthy individual, this procedure should be performed three times a year as preventative maintenance.

Can I eat an apple on ProLon?

Try a piece (or two) of fresh cucumber, celery, bell pepper, or apple to start your day. Keep in mind that this fast is not only physical, but also mental… It’s similar to running a marathon, but far less difficult. If you indulge in a few more snacks here and there, you will still lose weight, but you will miss out on the great health benefits that come with this diet.

Can I eat anything else on ProLon?

Dieters are urged to eat just the meals and beverages that are included in the meal kit and to avoid ingesting any other foods or beverages, with the exception of two exceptions: soups can be flavored with fresh herbs and lemon juice, and desserts can be prepared with fresh fruit. During the five-day fast, dieters are recommended to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of plain water and decaffeinated teas.

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Does ProLon need to be refrigerated?

They should be kept in their original packaging, in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and away from heat. In their original packaging, they do not require refrigeration; but, if exposed to hot and/or humid weather, they may require refrigeration.

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